Letter to the Editor: SADD holding virtual prom, reminding all to be safe

Published 7:19 am Tuesday, May 4, 2021

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To the Editor:

The 2020-21 school year has been especially difficult for our teens, and significant life events like prom and graduation will undoubtedly look different this year than ever before. With some celebrations on hold or canceled altogether, our teens find themselves even further isolated from their friends and communities. To mitigate another lost opportunity, SADD is holding a Virtual Prom for high school students nationwide.

As Student’s Against Destructive Decisions, our organization provides the education, resources, and events for teens to make positive choices every day. It is SADD’s goal for students to stay safe as they celebrate not just the end of this academic year but all the challenges they have overcome. Our virtual prom provides all students grades 9-12 an opportunity to responsibly celebrate with games, music, giveaways, outfit contests, and more. Our movie-themed event, “Lights, Camera, Prom!” will be held on Saturday, May 8, from 8-10 PM EST. Please visit www.sadd.org/Prom to register and learn more!

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If your child’s school is hosting a prom, we would like to take the opportunity to remind you that this celebratory time of year is always a high-risk time for underage drinking and risky behaviors. With this spring’s excitement coupling with continued uncertainty, these behaviors are likely to be further exacerbated.

It’s important as parents and guardians to understand that even though the events themselves may have changed this season, the threat of dangerous behaviors remains the same. Being informed and prepared can keep your children safe. Talk to your teen and plan what to do if they find themselves in a dangerous situation. Remind them never to drink and drive or ride with a driver who has been drinking. Their safety depends on this.

Make sure your teen has a safe, fun, and memorable prom and graduation season:

  • Remember that you are the primary influence on your
  • Set clear rules about not drinking and consequences for breaking
  • Offer to host an alcohol-free post-prom or graduation
  • Do not rent hotel rooms for
  • Help identify alcohol-free
  • Talk to other parents about post-event activities to ensure alcohol won’t be

For more tips on talking with your teen about the dangers of underage drinking and information on the SADD Nationwide Virtual Prom, visit www.sadd.org.

Jessica Hugdahl

SADD Director of Field Engagement