Gig Line: A Father’s Day thank you

Published 10:24 pm Sunday, June 20, 2021

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Though my submission for this week’s Part 6 was written and ready to send into the paper, I reconsidered what I wanted to share with you all. Finishing the last of the six-week story Something Nobody Wants to Talk About – Part 6 will have to wait because this Sunday, June 20 is all about the incredible men who have loved us; prayed for us; protected us; taught us how to ride a bike; walked us down the aisle and inspired us throughout our lives.

For many of us older folk, our daddy, pop, papa and dads are gone from this world and hopefully into Heaven, but the mark they left on our lives is indelible, remarkable and treasured. God bless all who can hug their father this weekend, kiss him on the cheek, tell him how absolutely wonderful he is and spend time with them on a boat, in the garden or at his hospital bedside.

For all the men who naturally created a child, thank you; for the fathers who have adopted and loved every minute of their important and necessary role in their children’s lives, for those men who have taught and coached baseball, football and basketball with their son or daughter (and the neighborhood kids), shown their children how to fix a flat or drive a John Deere, bait a hook, build a car out of wood scraps for a soap box derby or show their children how to safely and properly hunt, for the dads who have taught their children that God hears their prayers when they are alone or afraid or when daddy isn’t around – thank you.

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There are all kinds of fathers in this world, the majority as good as solid gold – some, unfortunately, not so much – but the blessing of a loving father is what we thank God for ourselves and wish for others. Their hands are often rough to the touch, callused and show extreme wear and tear from working in frigid temperatures or the boiling heat on commercial fishing boats, roads, bridges, on roofs or in asphalt. Some father’s hands are softer, having a career indoors. Maybe they are pastors, accountants, lawyers, Realtors or politicians. Regardless of the career path they chose in life, their hands have quietly shaken a finger at us when we misbehaved or when we jumped into the deep end of the pool and they’ve held our hands in theirs when family worries required comfort.

Perhaps our father has been a soldier, airmen, seaman or Marine serving our country well at home and abroad. Perhaps they have carried heavy gear through the most difficult terrain fulfilling their assignments. Perhaps they were fathers that missed seeing their babies born because they were too far away to get home when the labor pains started. Perhaps they never came home at all, serving our country, protecting our homeland and fulfilling their call to serve others before themselves.

Solid Dads are responsible for the children they father. They see to it their babies’ needs are met and/or exceeded; they provide the necessities of life daily if they are in the home and if not, they step up to the plate and ensure their sons and daughters have adequate shelter, food, clothing and medical care. They simply accept their responsibility and do the right thing for the little ones dependent on them. Single moms are exceptional and they, too, deserve the help and support needed to raise a healthy, happy, stable child.

A good father teaches his children to love themselves because there is no one else in this world just like them; he inspires them to love their mother, to respect her and to help care for her in her later years. He shows them through example what true love really is – that love is special and not to be taken for granted or squandered only for personal pleasure. He helps them to learn that life is hard sometimes but they can get through it; that prayer helps; that surrounding themselves with good, decent, respectable people will mean a lot in their lives down the road. Children learn by looking up to their dad, no matter his build or stature; he inspires them to respect our military, our law enforcement and the laws and rules that govern us for our betterment, our peace of mind and those rules are to keep us safe and happy.

A father who disciplines his children doesn’t have to use a heavy hand, sometimes just a humble but firm glance in their direction is all it takes for a child to know he or she is goofing up and to immediately stop what they’re doing. A father who pays attention can silently convey disappointment or praise; he can instantly drop their children to their knees in shame or tell them how proud he is of you and how much you are loved.

Fathers are the other half of what makes us whole as children and when a biological father isn’t in the picture, Mom sometimes must take up the slack in that roll, too. If you have never heard the song or read the lyrics of “Daddy’s Hands,” please take a minute to search the internet and listen. It sums it up perfectly. Again, to all the fathers across our land: HAPPY FATHER’S DAY and to our fathers who are now angels, thank you too. You are NOT forgotten.

If you wish to contact me call my cell at 252-202-2058 or email me at For veteran help, please contact Patty O’Sullivan at 252-475-5604 or email her at Patty is the only official Veteran Service Officer in Dare County and she is eager to help you in any way she can.

Until next time, be happy, safe and proud. I love you all from the bottom of my heart. Stay tuned.