Dare Guarantee Scholarship growing in use

Published 7:45 am Saturday, July 31, 2021

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The Dare Guarantee Scholarship Program with College of The Albemarle is steadily growing.

Amy Alcocer, director of the College of The Albemarle Foundation and Development, recently briefed the Dare County Board of Commissioners.

The Dare Guarantee Scholarship covers any unmet tuition, fees and educational expenses for a qualifying student (at the in-state rate) while funds are available. The maximum award for a curriculum student is $6,000 to cover the academic year.

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The actual cost of a continuing education program will be paid in full after additional scholarships have been applied to a student’s account.

Eligible students meet the following requirements: a Dare County resident; high school graduate from public, private or home school located in Dare County; a U.S. citizen or documented lawful permanent resident; and enrolled and beginning attendance within 24 months of graduation from public high school, private school or home school.

Left over prior year funds are available for scholarships to any Dare County resident with priority given to workforce needs for any one of three COA campuses and any program. To be eligible, an applicant must be a Dare County resident and U.S. citizen or documented lawful permanent resident.

College of The Albemarle opens for the fall 2021 semester Aug. 16 and the schedule has late start classes. Applications are still being accepted for the Dare County Guarantee Scholarship. Contact John Hunting at 252-473-2264 ext. 2220 or john_hunting07@albemarle.edu.

Dare’s guarantee program opened for the spring 2020 semester. Sixteen students applied for an award. The Dare Guarantee covered 10 of 16 applicants’ tuition and fees for $4,946.37; two applicants’ book bills at $633.58; new computers for two students for $1,308.83. Total for spring 2020: $6,888.78

Summer 2020: Tuition for one student: $720.

Fall 2020: 84 total awarded applicants with 77 students in curriculum, four students in continuing education and three students both curriculum and continuing education.

This past fall 55 of 84 applicants received help with tuition and fees totaling $38,037.83; books for 56 of 84 applicants for $15,806.63; computers for 32 applicants totaling $20,188.52; and reimbursement to the campus bookstore for $1,737.81. Total for fall 2020: $75,770.79.

Spring 2021: 77 total awarded applicants with all 77 curriculum students.

This spring, 36 of the 77 applicants received $20,065.04 for tuition and fees; books for 33 of 77 applicants for $6,219.46; computers for four of the 77 applicants totaling $2,628.36; and reimbursement to the campus bookstore for $4,530.52. Total for spring 2021: $33,443.38.

Total spent for 20-21 academic year: $109,214.17.

Total spent on marketing for 20-21 academic year: $2,809.41.

Total spent on Dare liaison for 20-21 academic year: $20,000.

Total spent on all Dare Guarantee scholarships since spring 2020: $139,632.36.

Dare County is in the process of building a new academic structure in Manteo. The 30,000 square foot building is expected to be completed in March 2022 and open for fall semester 2022. The building is budgeted for $17,657,969.



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