Patty O’Sullivan recognized as Dare’s Employee of the Month for October

Published 8:13 am Thursday, November 4, 2021

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Patty O’Sullivan, who serves as veterans services officer for the Veterans Services Division of the Dare County Department of Health & Human Services (DHHS), was named Dare County Employee of the Month for October 2021. The announcement was made at the Dare County Board of Commissioners meeting held Monday, October 4, 2021.

O’Sullivan – who is fully accredited by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs and a member of the Veterans Advisory Council – was presented the award by Katie McCarron, who serves as senior social work supervisor for the Social Services Division of DHHS.

According to McCarron, “Since the first day she started in 2017, Patty has been full of energy and excitement about the work she does for the veterans of Dare County. Patty’s position is part-time, but she treats each veteran with full-time attention. Patty is an active and integral part of the veterans community.”

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O’Sullivan’s duties include helping veterans file their applications for benefits as well as providing them with guidance when it comes to obtaining any additional documentation that is needed for the application process.

“For a number of veterans, the automated application process is intimidating and the wait for an answer can take years,” McCarron stated on the award nomination form. “Patty is patient, calm and reassuring with veterans.”

McCarron also recognized the impact that O’Sullivan’s efforts have had on the individual veterans and their beneficiaries once they finally begin to receive their benefits: “Many veterans of Vietnam are shocked and joyful when they receive notice that they are eligible for benefits. Just as emotional are the calls from the widows and children of veterans who learn of the benefit award they just received.”

According to McCarron, numerous veterans and their dependents throughout the Outer Banks have expressed an immense appreciation for O’Sullivan’s tireless efforts since she took on the position in 2017.

“I receive positive and complimentary feedback from veterans on a regular basis, shouting out how helpful and compassionate Patty is in her work,” said McCarron. “Our county and our veterans are very fortunate to have a fabulous advocate in ‘Part-Time Patty.’”

McCarron also noted that, in addition to her daily duties as veterans services officer, O’Sullivan has been a vital member of Dare County’s COVID-19 response team, “attending almost every testing event and vaccine clinic as a data entry extraordinaire.”

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