Letter to the Editor: You, too, can have one

Published 6:11 am Friday, November 19, 2021

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To the Editor:

Last week this tower rose up just about on the SE corner of Hickory and Wax Myrtle. We live one back on Wax Myrtle SW side. Off our top deck this beauty bloomed.

We had seen an article in this paper about its birth, but nothing prepared us for this beauty. We contacted our new mayor elect to congratulate her and ask if there were others blooming in SS? Good for now it seems, but the N and S winds will surely carry their pollen to an area possibly close to you? Want to know more? Us too.

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SS town team members are providing contacts for the wizards behind the screen who really have free reign it seems to find the best spot and put one up. And guess what, we don’t remember receiving a letter, email, or twitter letting us know a potential planting spot had been located about 150 yds from our lot.

Oh well it could have been worse, they could have told us and we’d be obligated to check into it before they put it up. Totally in favor of advancing the support networks out here. But for a town as diversely beautiful as SS, like yours as well, there should be a special attempt to preserve as much of the environment, visually as well as spatially. Too bad we can’t get Frank Stick’s view on our new view.

Russ Watkins

Southern Shores