Gig Line: Thankful beyond measure

Published 8:48 am Thursday, November 25, 2021

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Well folks, this is that special time of year when we all think about our blessings, our loved ones – those still here and those we’ve lost – and the remembrance strikes a familiar chord with all of us. My goodness the happy memories; the familiar sights, sounds and aromas that we embrace every Thanksgiving!

What are your happiest memories? Who were you with? Do y’all usually gather around the table, hold hands, ask the Lord’s blessing on the food, its nourishment to your body and for the hands that provided it? After everybody has piled their plates full of turkey, stuffing, ham, yams, mashed potatoes and all the other delicious fixings, do y’all take turns sharing the things you’re thankful for? After all, there are many things to smile about (even though we’re still dealing with that darned COVID-19)! But think about it for a minute. If we’re able to join loved ones – even but for a few hours – share an incredible meal, tell funny stories of gatherings “back in the day” and look into the faces of our relatives and friends (even if peeking over a mask), we are blessed beyond measure.

In these last 12 months, I have personally lost two dear friends and my son-in-law lost his brother due to the stinking rotten virus that gripped and crippled our nation. They were each good people, having left behind grieving wives, children and/or grandchildren and a host of other loved ones who longed to sit beside them, hold their hand and tell them how much they were loved before their last breath. Each one of us who knew those who have passed were blessed in a mighty way.

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Our world has changed so much in the last few years that its hard to believe, even excluding COVID, and too many of the changes are incomprehensible. To watch what we’ve held dear stripped away; torn down or torn apart and for what? Why? If our rules, our foundation, our history, our great achievements and mistakes were so horrible, why have so many wanted to embrace our way of life? To be a part of us? To sacrifice so much to come and peruse the “American dream?”

I, for one, refuse to let the deliberate and intentional destruction of what we had embraced, respected and cherished all my life, influence my thinking this Thanksgiving. I refuse to be suckered in to the outrageous goals some have had to dismantle our law enforcement; find excuses for destruction of cities, businesses, etc. and to allow thousands of people unvetted for COVID enter our country while our U. S. citizens have been restricted for so long to simply live our lives, masked, unmasked, vaccinated or not and to believe that it is sensible to close our functioning fuel sources from production, costing thousands of jobs, only to plead for foreign fuel when we were fuel independent. Are you serious?

If I were younger and was financially able to run for office, I swear I would and with that, I would pursue a resolution to make it unbeknownst to me (and all politicians) who their campaign contributors were. Why does anyone need to know who contributed money to support them? It seems to me that knowledge could potentially influence decisions down the road. Why does anyone need to know who helped them in the process? My philosophy is that if someone believes in a candidate, they could contribute monies up to the limit allowed without their identity being disclosed, ever, to anyone. But since I’m not in a position to run for anything, I will in the meantime study candidates, their position and beliefs and continue to pray for those currently in office to just “do the right thing,” not to “pussyfoot,” or “bow down” or “kiss up,” but rather to stand up, stand tall and simply know they performed to the best of their ability to show love, support and protection of our nation and its people first and foremost.

At this Thanksgiving table, I’ll express my thanks for good, respectable, honorable, caring people who believe in healthy, responsible education and who lift our kids up, give them hope, inspiration and who encourage them to be the best they can be for themselves, their future families and for America. For those who promote love of our brothers/sisters of all colors, creeds, nationalities and be it politicians, police officers, medical professionals, teachers and parents, too, who stand up for a solid balance of education and positive influence on our children across our country. I will pray for those who seek to destroy or diminish faith in ourselves, the foundation on which we built America and the tremendous sacrifices – and I do mean tremendous sacrifices – of our men and women soldiers, airmen, seamen and Marines.

I will thank the good Lord for His offer of forgiveness to those who seek it, who don’t set out to undermine the practice of faith, the teachings of faith in humanity, each other and in our Lord.

We have so much to celebrate, even with all we have been through, in our area. No severe hurricanes this year (thank the Lord). Our weather has been gorgeous more days than not. Many of our businesses, rental properties and sales have benefited property owners, sales/listing agents, home inspectors, building contractors and no doubt our tax base. And just imagine for a minute all the people who discovered for the first time our beautiful, breathtaking Outer Banks! They came to our peaceful, clean beaches, fresh air and loving communities and they fell in love!

Being thankful goes a long way. Thank you everyone who has served our great nation; thank you Peggy Snead for offering and teaching the extraordinary “Grief Share” program (coming up again, January 13th – more on that in the coming weeks); thank you Charlie and Sally for your cards, notes, stickers and sweet remembrances of my sweet Billy and thank you all for just being YOU!

This coming Thanksgiving, enjoy the day with those you love; remember those who made a difference in your life and how you’re a better person because of them, because no doubt, most likely you are! If you have room at the table to set another plate, think of someone you know who has been through a lot – physically, financially etc. – and invite them to join you or just fix a plate to take to their front door.

Okay, I’m stepping off my soap box (just for now, because you know, I’ll climb back on it soon), I’m just asking you to consider your value to others and how absolutely special you are!

Until next time my friends, be healthy, safe and happy! Love each other and love yourself. I will be thinking of you all and how very much you mean to me. Celebrate old holiday memories and create new ones while you have the chance. God bless each one of you. I love you all and Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Stay tuned!