Pea Island visitors: American white pelicans are back

Published 7:57 am Monday, December 27, 2021

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American white pelicans are back on Pea Island National Wildlife Refuge.

They are big birds with one of the widest wingspans in the world of birds, measuring in at up to 10 feet.

Unlike brown pelicans that dive from heights into the water to capture their meals, white pelicans usually stay on the water’s surface, eating by dipping their bill/pouch under water and bringing up a scoop of mainly fish with some crustaceans.

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Migratory birds are in full swing on the refuge – grab binoculars and scopes and head over to take a look.

Besides seeing white pelicans, there are thousands of tundra swans, ducks, ibis, egrets, herons and geese.