Weekly Devotion – John 14:8

Published 2:01 pm Saturday, January 22, 2022

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By Mike Caton

John 14:8, Philip said, “Lord, show us the Father and that will be enough for us.”

Jesus tells the disciples if they really know him, they will know the Father as well and that they do know him and have seen him. And yet, this doesn’t register with Philip. He wants to see the Father, but he hasn’t seen him. At least not that he has realized. How about us, you and me, have we seen the Father?
If we are thinking about a supernatural vision of some sort, some physical manifestation of God appearing to us, the answer is going to be no. Remember, back in the Old Testament, Moses got to see the back of God on one occasion, Exodus 33:21. And then in Exodus 34, when Moses received the Ten Commandments in God’s presence, his face glowed afterwards, it was radiant. But no human has actually seen God, as we see another person. God is too awesome and we are too fragile for that.
But we do have opportunities to see God each and every day. We can see his glory and majesty in creation; a sunrise, a flower, an animal playing, a child’s innocence, the majesty of the mountains, the vastness of the ocean, the marvel of love, this list goes on and on. But in order to see those things, we have to have eyes that are willing to see. We can see God revealed throughout the pages of his word to us. And we have opportunity to read each and every day the very words of God. And yet, we again, have to take those opportunities. (Think about the time we waste that we could be in God’s Word; watching TV, scrolling through Facebook, watching kitten videos and so forth.) We have to have eyes that are willing to see and ears that are willing to hear. God, the Father, is right there waiting for us to find him.

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Father, help me seek you with all my might. In Jesus’ name, amen.

Mike Caton is the preacher at Mount Olive Church of Christ in Belhaven. He volunteers at the Ponzer Fire Department and works part time with Hyde County EMS. If you would like to receive daily devotions in your inbox, email mikecaton@centurylink.net.