Dare County Schools to embark on year-long strategic planning

Published 4:26 pm Sunday, January 23, 2022

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In 2018, the Dare County education community embarked on a visioning process.

It’s time to update that five-year plan.

On Jan. 11, 2022, Dare Schools Superintendent John Farrelly announced the start of that update.

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A year-long comprehensive process will be mapped out to update and recalibrate the 2018 district plan.

In March, the Board of Education will hold a work session. Action steps will be created and timelines set for April through December. January 2023 is the target for plan approval by the board.

The 2018 plan had 18 indicators for future success arranged in the core values set out.

Those Core Values and associated indicators are:

Healthy Schools: updating and improving school safety plans; survey students, staff and community members to assess school culture and climate; evaluate health and wellness resources; monitor school attendance rates and trends.

Active Learning: increase overall proficiency and subgroup data for all end-of-grade and end-of-course test areas; reduce achievement gaps; increase high school graduation rate; expand options for students to receive college credit; analyze Career and Technical Education enrollment, credentialing and internship placement data.

Talent Development: analyze staff assessment of professional development opportunities and activities; evaluate teacher working conditions survey data; monitor teacher retention rates; utilize Education Value-Added Assessment System Teacher Effectiveness Data; track National Board Certification Data.

Community Partnerships: analyze stakeholder survey data; utilize website and social media analytics, collect and study volunteerism and school visit attendance data; track financial support data.

Farrelly said the system had made “significant progress in 16 of the 18 indicators.” The two indicators needing work are in the Active Learning core value: closing the achievement gap and increasing overall proficiency in end-of-grade test areas.

One notable achievement is progress on graduation rate. The district’s graduation rate has increased from 90.5% to 93.7% since 2018, reported Farrelly.

In 2018, the selected vision statement was “Together we are building extraordinary schools.”