Letter to the Editor: Open letter to Perquimans school officials

Published 10:51 am Monday, February 14, 2022

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Dear Board Members and Superintendent,

I have 3 children in Perquimans schools and have been so happy with what I call the “hidden gem” of this area. I’ve always bragged about how our Perquimans schools are so AMAZING as opposed to surrounding counties, we’re doing it right and seemed to have it figured out!

But the mask on our children has got to come to an end! I recently emailed each board member with my concerns on the mask vote at the last meeting and I want to personally thank Mrs. Spaugh, Mr. Peeler, and Mr. Lassiter for kindly responding. I’m a healthcare worker and I know from experience that long term mask use can be detrimental to health and social development. As adults we have a choice of risk per reward, our children do not, so we as parents should be able to use our judgment to make these choices for our children. For parents who choose that’s what they want for their children so be it, but for those of us who don’t, we deserve to have that option as well. If the mask really “work”, which SCIENCE has proven they don’t (with the exception of N95s) then someone with a mask should not be in fear of my child without one. The facts are the masks are useless and are only causing harm to our children. There is a difference between rational and irrational fear… masking of children is irrational. I could go on and on but it’s time that I make a stand for my children and if nothing else teach them to stand up for what they believe in. I’m afraid that there is a bigger agenda involved and our children are at high risk … maybe even a part of something called the “great reset”. Well I’m looking for a “great rewind” it’s time for parents to take a stand!!

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I have started a petition and a Facebook page so that I may present my argument at the interest of most, sharing our feelings at the next board meeting. I’d like to request to be able to speak at the next board meeting and also ask for more time in order to give you as much information as possible to help you all make a more informed decision. As per Article 1 Sec 12 I believe I am granted this right. I’d also be curious as to ask how many people can safely be at the meeting as per Covid guidelines?

Why am I fighting for this you may ask? Well if allowed the time to speak I’d like to talk about two of my children specifically. One of my children is hearing impaired and the other has a speech impediment, can you imagine? Mask make their learning specifically so much harder. I am also a registered dental hygienist and have specific letters from an Orofacial Myofunctional Therapist that I’d like to present showing proof that extended mask use is cause for changes in facial structure and growth in an unfavorable way. Are you prepared to make evolutionary changes to our youth without looking at long term effects? Being in healthcare I have specific information on mask and proper mask use. If only N95s work and children can not wear N95s do you even know which mask children should be wearing? And if so are the schools prepared to supply these for our children? Are they even available in ready supply? Do we know how often mask are supposed to be changed and how long they are effective for? If we can’t supply the proper mask for children then what is the purpose of these nonsense face coverings that don’t work?

As members of our board I’d also like to question you in your everyday life. Are you wearing mask in ALL aspects of your life? If you eat at restaurants and visit with your loved ones the answer is NO. Do you go to places that don’t require mask then your answer is a NO. Aren’t we being just a bit hypocritical in our expectations of our children and mask use? I’m sure being in such a small town it would be easy to catch any one of you out “breaking the mask rules”. Same for our students, if these mask rules aren’t imposed everywhere then aren’t they completely useless in manner? Why is it okay for athletes at our schools to have their picture taken in groups without mask?

These are just SOME of the questions myself and others have. I’ll try not to over burden you with all of them in one email. Please know this is a grassroots movement in attempt to get schools back to normal!! I do look forward to all of your answers to my questions!!

Thank you for your time,
Morgan White, RDH