New leadership for Dare Board of Education; Dare County Schools admin changes announced

Published 3:41 pm Wednesday, March 16, 2022

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Dare County Board of Education has new leadership.

At the Tuesday, March 9, 2022 meeting, David Twiddy was elected chair and Susan Bothwell was elected vice chair. Both were elected by acclamation of all board members.

At the start of the meeting, Joe Tauber, who was elected in December 2021 on a 4-3 vote, announced his resignation as chairman.

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Tauber said “I do so with a heavy heart. I feel I would be better served as a board member and turn my role as chairman over to one of my fellow board members. I’m prepared to do that at this point.” He offered thanks for support from his fellow board members and others.

After that announcement, board member Margaret Lawler suggested that the next order of business was reorganization of the board. Board attorney Richard Schwartz conducted the election for chair with Twiddy’s nomination made by board member Susan Bothwell.

Twiddy conducted the election for vice chair. Bothwell was nominated by board member Mary Ellon Ballance.

The change of leadership roles was swift.

The newly-elected officers moved to new positions at the table with Twiddy heading for the chair’s seat and Bothwell moving to Twiddy’s vice chair seat.

Twiddy then called a recess. Twiddy and Bothwell consulted with Schwartz apart from the rest of the board.

When the recess was finished, the board proceeded to amend and then pass the agenda and listen to staff and student recognitions, instructional highlights and public comment from 13 speakers.

Dare Schools Superintendent John Farrelly made a major staff announcement.

After 36 years as an educator, Associate Superintendent Sandy Kinzel is retiring. In board meetings, Kinzel is the staff member who brings policy changes to the board. She most recently has handled personnel for the system, as well as federal grants. She will retire June 30, 2022.

Kinzel joined the Dare County Schools administration Aug. 23, 2017. Prior to her time with Dare County Schools, Kinzel served as assistant superintendent with Currituck County Schools. She worked in that system for 24 years.

Farrelly said the Kinzel, “You’ve been an absolute professional.” He praised her caring about staff members. In an email notice, Farrelly wrote Kinzel “has been an outstanding leader, role model, and one of the pillars of our school community for the past 5 years. She will be greatly missed. We thank and congratulate Sandy for her numerous contributions to Dare County Schools.”

Farrelly announced that Johanna Parker, director of innovation, and Keith Parker, director of secondary education and digital communications, will become assistant superintendents. The pair share the same last name, but are not related.

The Dare County Board of Education approved the following personnel moves:

Kitty Hawk Elementary: Dr. Greg Florence is retiring as principal of Kitty Hawk Elementary School effective June 30. “Under Greg’s leadership, KHES has soared to become one of the highest performing elementary schools in the state of North Carolina over the past several years. Greg’s enthusiasm, drive, and commitment to servant leadership have been hallmarks of his Kitty Hawk Elementary career,” wrote Farrelly in an email.

Dr. Lisa Colvin, assistant principal at Kitty Hawk Elementary, will become the new principal of Kitty Hawk Elementary on July 1. Writes Farrelly, “Colvin has been an exemplary leader at KHES for several years as she and Dr. Florence have made a great team. Lisa is a very genuine, caring, and diligent leader.”

Nags Head Elementary Principal Thomas McGeachy “will be leaving Dare County Schools at the end of the year to move home close to his family. Thomas has had a significant impact on Dare County Schools for the past several years in the First Flight feeder pattern and will be greatly missed,” wrote Farrelly.

Kelly Flora has been named the new principal of Nags Head Elementary School effective July 1. “Flora is thrilled to have the opportunity to work with the Nags Head Elementary School community. Kelly knows best practices, is energetic, motivated, and has great instructional leadership skills,” wrote Farrelly.