Letter to the Editor: Reader comments on right-to-work laws, unions

Published 8:02 am Friday, April 15, 2022

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To the Editor:

To comment on the move to make right-to-work laws part of the N.C. state constitution instead of being on a mere law now, it is difficult or almost impossible to organize a union in a right-to-work state. True, some of the unions have a checkered past but it’s no worse than some of the elements of American management and their treatment of the American worker.

Management didn’t use the mark of human kindness to give its employees much of anything. The unions were on the cutting edge of employee benefits, pensions, health plans, safety and so on. If you are enjoying these benefits, you ought to pay for them.

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Some of the first elected offices open to blacks after World War II came out of unions and they in turn used to push for civil rights. Go to West Virginia and see what happens when unions are busted or better yet visit some of the meatpacking plants in the midwest that are now union free.

Some of the conditions there rival Nazi slave labor camps.

Bernard Walker