Charge filed after four dogs abandoned on Roanoke Island

Published 5:31 pm Tuesday, April 26, 2022

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Four dogs abandoned on Airport Road on Roanoke Island resulted in an animal cruelty charge.

On Thursday, April 14, an anonymous caller to the Dare County Animal Shelter reported six dogs tied up outside in Manns Harbor.

That evening, lead animal control officer Ashley Ortegon did a “windshield survey” of the location and saw six dogs tied up.

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On the April 15, Ortegon talked to the property owners where the dogs were observed. The first claim was that the owners only had two dogs. The second was that someone in Washington County wanted four dogs.

On Monday, April 18, the shelter received a report of four dogs found at the CenturyLink building on Airport Road. Animal Shelter workers Ortegon; Leanne Saunders, kennel manager; and Candice Vanbrunt, office manager, went to retrieve the two adult dogs and two younger dogs.

That same day, the two adult dogs were taken into custody, but not the two younger ones. The crew set out two dog traps and the following day, one was captured.

The animal shelter workers searched for the second younger dog. Someone suggested capturing the rescued pup’s scent on a blanket and putting the blanket in the trap. That worked.

On Thursday, April 21, the second young dog was found in the trap.

Meanwhile, Ortegon visited the Dare County magistrate and a filed charge of animal cruelty-abandoned against the owners of the four dogs. Names were not released.

Animal Shelter staff stated Tuesday that the dogs will be available for adoption.