Letter to the Editor: Above and beyond

Published 8:29 pm Thursday, May 19, 2022

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To the Editor:

It should come as no surprise that when you live in area with a small population you depend on your friends and neighbors in times of emergency. But I want to especially hold up Sabrina Hatfield and Elaine Hooper, veterinarian Dr. Burkart and our Colington friends Patti and Mike for being more than good neighbors.

Last week, when Rosemary and I were attending a conference in Florida (with more attendees than the combined population of our tri-villages), we received a call on Sunday from Sabrina at the Hatteras Island Pet Resort where our lab was staying. She told us that our lab, Wego, had collapsed, briefly recovered then collapsed again, perhaps a seizure. They called our wonderful veterinarian, Dr. Burkart at Roanoke Island Animal Clinic (RIAC) for advice. Dr. Burkart immediately said bring him in to be evaluated. Sabrina and Elaine said not to worry they would take him to RIAC right away. And they did, somehow found a way to transport Wego safely from Rodanthe to Manteo. Exam and treatment in place, Sabrina and Elaine, not wanting to leave him alone at night, brought in an air mattress to sleep on in the Hatteras Island Pet Resort office. Our friends, Patti and Mike were on standby to stay overnight if needed.

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Sadly, Wego collapsed again, so once more Elaine, Sabrina and Patti went into action to save our lab; arranged a return to RIAC so he could be seen again. When we got a flight back, we went to the RIAC directly and found Elaine, not a surprise, in the waiting room; she would not leave Wego alone. No answers yet, but Wego is surrounded by love and a neurological exam is scheduled at North Carolina State Veterinary Hospital soon. You can see this happy boy on the Pet Resort’s Facebook before his harrowing medical challenge: facebook.com/HatterasIslandPetResort/photos/pcb.10159695255068618/10159695254938618.

So a heartfelt thank you to our friends and neighbors who went above and beyond during this emergency.

Wayne and Rosemary Codding