Letter to the Editor: Community spirit shines at graduation ceremony

Published 6:00 am Thursday, June 16, 2022

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To the Editor:

I feel compelled to write this letter on behalf of my experience going to the graduation ceremony on June 10th for First Flight High School.

I live in Norfolk Va. so it was a little concerning that it was to be a 7 p.m. event but my husband knew my desire to see my nephew graduate so he took me.

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But this is why I want to write to share my experience. I am handicapped from a brain tumor that has weakened my left side, so I walk with a cane.

We got there early knowing that I would have difficulty walking a long distance.

When we arrived, we saw a mass of people walking towards the high school as we pulled into First Flight Elementary School. I realized then this is going to be a difficult situation. We got out of the car and proceeded to follow the crowd ahead of us.

Then I see a golf cart with a woman driving coming towards us and she calls out to us, “Hey do you want a ride?” I thinking to myself, Oh my gosh an Angel just came down from Heaven with a golf cart! I told her that sounds wonderful! So we get in with her and she proceeds to drive us there. Another elderly couple also struggling was asked by her also if they needed assistance and she called for someone else to pick them up. She then proceeded to escort us through the mass of people towards the back of the stadium on to the running track right to the chairs on the field where the ceremony was being held. I told her she could let me off at the gate and she said she will take me all the way to my seat! She then told my husband she will take him back to the car if he wants to drive it closer to the gate because she will be heading that way, which he did.

While I was sitting there waiting for my husband to come back, there was a women that was tending to the people there, asking them if they needed water and watching for people coming, placing chairs closer so they would not have to walk too far. I then noticed later on in the evening someone coming up behind a woman that had a short sleeve shirt on. It was starting to get cooler and the wind had picked up. They then placed a shawl around her shoulders; it started to slide down during the ceremony and the woman that was attending to us took off her shawl and opened it larger to wrap around her without her having to struggle to hold it on her.

When the ceremony was finished, she came up to my husband and I and said we can get a ride back to our car if needed. We told her thank you but we can walk back.

I just want to share with you how much it was appreciated! Living in a large city and what we are fed daily on the news on how America is going to pot. I can see first-hand no it is not! That we have kind American citizens that care about their fellow man and they stand when the National Anthem is sung! They speak of how blessed they are to live in the Outer Banks, and the new generation graduate standing and in her speech mentioned God, which lets me know that the next generation understands that this is a Nation in God we trust!

Hats off to you school officials, graduates, and citizens of the Outer Banks!

I can look to my American Flag that flies in my yard and remember that moment!

Jeanette Treichel

Norfolk, Virginia