Letter to the Editor: Southern Shores – Here comes your 19th nervous breakdown . . .

Published 7:19 am Wednesday, July 27, 2022

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To the Editor:

I thought about this song in June when we read the plan to mitigate cut-thru traffic down community streets in the Southern Shores community. My family was one of the many families in the area who have come to the Outer Banks for many, many years and grew to love the unique environment. And each year we came, usually in July for a week, we would get glimpses, and see flashes that the locals (at that time) were restless, and weren’t happy. We chose Southern Shores because it’s closest to leave the island (as well as especially beautiful) and we were very much aware of what we were getting into when we settled here a few years back.

So Mayor Morey, Councilmen and Woman, and Cliff Ogburn/team, you should take a victory lap of the Southern Shores boundaries (not on Saturday or Sunday, Friday can be a mess too) to remind yourselves why you have to go through this ritual every July. (Ha, ha it could become an annual parade event, with lemonade stands). Seriously, your plan was good, thanks for trying it. You would have received our vote to give it another go “with tweaks.”

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Also, thank you for having the “annual Southern Shores 19th nervous breakdown” because it’s a good little challenge to keep the community juices flowing. But thanks most of all for getting under the covers of the Currituck Bridge build. I am a tree hugger and whined when they put the metal “totem” pole at the intersection of hickory and Wax Myrtle, and I hate to see the wonderful natural setting in Aydlett invaded with concrete. But, if you really want to change next July’s guaranteed “19th plus nervous breakdown,” then help the town move the right chairs in the money chain to get the bridge plan moving faster. If not, then whine on, like me, it will probably make you feel a little better or it’s something to talk about …

“You better stop, look around
Here it comes, here it comes, here it comes, here it comes
Here comes your nineteenth nervous breakdown… ”

Russ Watkins
Southern Shores