Day at the Docks fishing contest winners celebrated

Published 6:01 pm Saturday, October 15, 2022

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One of the great joys at Day at the Docks is the children’s fishing contest.

Children sign up at Jeffrey’s Seafood starting at noon with the contest beginning at 1 p.m. and running for an hour around Hatteras Harbor Marina.

Squeals of delight from children and congratulatory applause from those gathered around are delightful.

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Simple cane poles with red and white bobbers are provided if children don’t have fishing gear. Jim Lyons, the founder of the contest, puts the cane poles together.

Judging the contest are members of the Rod Runners women’s fishing team Sue Garrett, Bonnie Koehler, Laura Young and Sheila Ballance. Also helping judge are Ruby Creason, Shayley Ballance and Casia Ensenat. These judges are stationed around the dock to measure fish and hand out bait.

Weighmaster Danny Amsell, with help from Tony Baum and Anne Baum, weighed pinfish.

The contestants compete in two categories: heaviest pinfish and longest fish.

Anglers are divided into three sections: 5 and under, 6 to 8 years old, and 9 and up.

In this year’s contest, two six-year-olds won the Overall/Grand Prize. Avery Wompierski from Avon registered the heaviest pinfish at 0.5 oz. Kennedy Jacobs from Buxton reeled in a 28-inch stingray.

Results for this 2022 contest held Sept. 17, 2022, are:

5 years and under

Heaviest pinfish: 1. Kasen Ballance, 4, with 0.4 oz.; 2. Bodie Lloyd, 5, of Frisco, 0.36 oz.; 3. River Hagrich, 4, of Hatteras, 0.18. oz.

Longest Fish: 1. Josiah Waterfield, 5, of Frisco, 12-inch puppy drum; 2. Zachery McMillan, 5, of Buxton, 10.75-inch croaker; 3. Michael Hooper, 5, of Avon, 8.74-inch spot.

6 to 8 years

Heaviest pinfish: 1. Isla Hagerich, 6, ofHatteras, 0.44 oz.; 2. David Ertle, 6, of Frisco, 0.38 oz.; 3. Jackson Collier, 8, of Frisco, 0.36 oz.

Longest Fish: 1. Thomas Kavanagh, 8, of Frisco, 9.25-inch puppy drum; 2. Victoria Perez, 8, of Hatteras, 7.25-inch Sea Robin; 3. Amos Fulcher, 7, of Buxton, 7-inch hogfish.

9 years and up

Heaviest pinfish: 1. Gunner Johnson 11, of Frisco, .046 oz.  2. Addison Johnson, 13, of Frisco, 0.44 oz.; 3. Audrey Jennette, 10, of Buxton, 0.38 oz.

Longest Fish: 1. Hunter Cannon, 9, of Hatteras, 18.5-inch flounder; 2. Harper Jennette, 9, of Buxton, 14.5-inch puppy drum; 3. Fisher Koci, 9, of Hatteras, 13-inch puppy drum