Letter to the Editor: Cape Hatteras United Methodist Men expresses thanks for support

Published 2:24 pm Saturday, December 10, 2022

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To the Friends of the Cape Hatteras United Methodist Men:

Thank you for helping make Cape Hatteras United Methodist Men’s 44th year another successful adventure. Our volunteer organization has continued to impact the lives of many on Hatteras Island and beyond. Here are some highlights for 2022:

Emergency Financial and Food Assistance: Cape Hatteras United Methodist Men has helped many families with food, rent, utilities, medical emergencies, and other needs. The Dare Division of Social Services and other organizations are our partners in these efforts. The Division of Social Services referred several families to us who struggled with homelessness, lack of heating or cooling, and other similar emergency needs.

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Dedicated Volunteers: The organization has logged thousands of volunteer hours helping others. A great example of dedicated volunteers are Ray and Claire Schaaf who are in their 23rd year of operating our Emergency Food Pantry. They dispense food to the needy and offer a sympathetic ear, compassion, and Christian counsel, when needed.

Long-Term Storm Recovery: The suffering from major storms is long-term for many. These are often people living in low-lying houses or trailers that get repeatedly flooded, for which flood insurance is prohibitively expensive or unavailable. The organization has assisted many of the uninsured with the repair of roofs, siding, water-damage, mold, flooded appliances. etc.

Trailer Lifting: One of our long-term efforts to alleviate flooding issues is to elevate trailers and provide the owner with an Elevation Certificate which makes them eligible for low-cost insurance. We recently finished elevating our 14th trailer! The project was made possible with help from the Outer Banks Community Foundation, local contractors and volunteers.

Early Response: Cape Hatteras United Methodist Men’s strength is in maintaining a full-time presence on Hatteras Island. In conjunction with the United Methodist Committee on Relief, the local organization has trained, qualified, and equipped 90 Early Response Team members and leaders (some off-island) who have become an integral part of the coordinated countywide Emergency Management plan.

Grateful for Supporters and Volunteers: As always, we’re blessed to have loyal supporters financing our dedicated volunteers. This combination is very powerful. We’re unique in that all-volunteer group also pays for all operating expenses, including such things as Food Pantry utilities, equipment, training and meals for volunteers, postage, etc. In this way, we can fulfill our promise that your gifts go directly to help those in need. Our long-standing partnership with Dare County Social Services helps us find and screen the truly needy, ensuring that your gifts are used wisely.

We anticipate that our upcoming 45th year in 2023 will also be one of service to the people of Hatteras Island and beyond. To donate to the Cape Hatteras United Methodist Men, mail a tax-deductible donation to Cape Hatteras United Methodist Men, P.O. Box 1591, Buxton, NC 27920.

On behalf of the Cape Hatteras United Methodist Men and the grateful people of Hatteras Island, thank you for your thoughtful and generous support.

Dennis Carroll

Director, Cape Hatteras United Methodist Men