Gig Line: There’s no place like home

Published 8:02 am Monday, December 19, 2022

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For most of us, the fall season is at the top of the list when it comes to favorites and this year is no exception. The leaves have changed their attire from the lush green of summer to gold, red, orange and yellow. And if you drive through the primary roads and quaint little side streets from town to town or village to village, you can’t help but see the beautiful foliage that literally takes your breath, and you realize that only a master artist could have produced such splendor.

Permanent residents, absentee property owners and visitors to the Outer Banks love it here for countless reasons: abundant natural beauty and peaceful serenity for starters, however, while you soak up the “eye candy” that surrounds you with every turn of your head, you sense the approaching holiday season and transition converts an emotion into the comfort of a warm, fuzzy blanket. It feels good to be here in the center of it all and as you watch the trees shedding their summer wear, you just can’t help but feel contentment and peace.

If you are fortunate to be a native of the Outer Banks, you no doubt have a broad collection of keepsake memories. The hint of approaching holidays brings back   happy times growing up here and the wonderful reminders of sheer joy. Remembering porch sitting, homemade costumes at Halloween, celebrations of our veterans on Veteran’s Day, the tasty Thanksgiving Day spread of Granny’s best turkey and ham with all the fixings, followed by the anticipation and elation of Christmas and New Year celebrations.

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There’s always something to do on this magnificent stretch of sand to the east from Corolla to Hatteras Village on Hatteras Island and to the west toward the thickly wooded natural habitat beckoning you to fish, hunt and simply enjoy the deer, bear, wolves and even an alligator now and then.

Our youth and adults alike invest considerable time in the planning, creativity and line up of the parade floats that travel through a Manteo and a Wanchese route and attendance is high every year. Families make every effort to impress when it comes to the floats they build featuring everything from replica fishing vessels to funny cars and beyond. It’s typical to see horses, a rescue vessel the U.S. Coast Guard provides and other subjects indicative to our life in the parade – all a part of the anticipated festivities. Pieces of wrapped candy are tossed to the children by participants who either ride on the floats or walk beside the moving caravan.

Life on the Outer Banks is special every day of the year. Dare County is diverse in many ways and unique in others. Residents value the benefit of vacationers who come for weekly stays and weekend/day trips as well but in either case, our history and our heritage give them a lasting and positive impression to take home with them. We love our veterans and strive daily to acknowledge, celebrate and honor them and their families. Aviation enthusiasts embrace their visit to the Wright Brothers National Memorial, Fort Raleigh attracts history buffs and mariners are drawn to our lighthouses. The fishing industry and hardworking commercial watermen produce an abundance of questions. Fishing charters that specialize in half day sound trips to all day Gulf Stream trips on elaborate offshore vessels fill the bill and fit the budget. Simply put, fishing on the Outer Banks rocks.

First time and repeat visitors from around the world embrace the Outer Banks. They treasure its fresh seafood, abundant restaurants and endless activities! This place, this incredible Outer Banks functions well in a perpetual state of respite! You can lean back on an Adirondack chair, shut your eyes, inhale the fresh salty ocean air and escape the troubles of the world. And whether it’s the calm of the ocean waves cresting the beach, chasing a little sand fiddler or when you’re sitting around a campfire roasting marshmallow gazing at the moon in that great big dark blue sky, it’s truly a comfort beyond measure.

Christmas time is coming! A season for conjuring “back in the day” memories and creating new ones for family, friends and the little ones not yet in existence. It’s in the air, the influence of this magnificent place local Outer Bankers’ call home. The atmosphere, the whole deal envelopes you, it draws you in and you are consumed and in love just like the rest of us.

Until next time, be healthy, safe and happy! Consider all your blessings and the love of the folks around you. Find joy not only in the morning but all through the day and night. Thank you for your time reading Gig Line each week for 10 years now and thank you for just being you! For more stories, check out If you wish to contact me, my email address is or you’re welcome to call/text me at 252-202-2058. If you would like to speak with Dare County Veteran Service Officer Patty O’Sullivan about your benefits, obtaining a duplicate DD-214 or to file a V.A. disability claim, please call her office phone at 252-475-5604 or her work cell at 252-473-7749. Stay tuned!