Treat your partner to a nice get-away

Published 4:54 pm Monday, December 19, 2022

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Many of us live a busy life with work and family, and the days can feel like one long list of things to do. If you want to treat your partner and yourself to a nice break, consider going on a short get-away to a resort. Read on and get our suggestions as to where to go and what to do. 


Even though we sometimes need a proper holiday, even a long weekend can do magic to the energy levels as well as the relationship which can suffer in a busy life with children, household, work etc. Going away for a few days can spark new life into your relationship as well as give you a break from everyday chores.

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A wide range of magnificent resorts

But where to go on a quick get-away? Clearly you don’t want to spend hours in an airport or on a plane going overseas but fortunately you can find a number of splendid places to go in the US, for example, you can visit a great Kissimmee water park resort in Orlando, Florida. Whether you prefer playing golf, skiing, sunbathing or something else Westgate Resorts has something for you.


Westgate Resorts especially caters for sun lovers as many of the company’s resorts are located in Florida, but if you love entertainment you can choose a resort in Las Vegas and try your luck on one of the many casinos. You will also find resorts in several other states which all offer top class accommodation.


What to do on a get-away?

A long weekend away can be spent in many different ways. You can choose to browse the local shops and enjoy nice food and wine or you can be active and play golf, go skiing, hiking or whatever takes your fancy. Staying in and just relaxing with a book or a podcast is most certainly also an option.


What matters when going away is that we are free of the ties that bind us in daily life with work, kids etc. and having a break from all that is what charges our batteries and enables us to return with renewed energy, ready to face the challenges of everyday routines.


We can’t think of any reasons to not spoil your partner and yourself with a nice couple of days off and with Westgate Resorts you don’t have to do much yourself but book your stay, pack your bag and take off.