Gig Line: Let’s do it this time!

Published 6:35 am Wednesday, January 4, 2023

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The time for change is now – 2023 is brand new, a fresh start, a new beginning for all of us! The time to not only plan but to execute the changes we wish to see in our life is upon us. How about taking academic classes or even creative classes for fun at COA? Do you want to step out and change your career? What if you redecorate your house or even your office? Want to take a trip, even a mini vacay just for a few days to a favorite spot or a new one maybe? How about reconnecting with an old friend or relative from back in the day? Maybe you’d like to learn to dance? How about becoming a volunteer at your church or civic group? There are so many opportunities to help others in Dare County!

Many of us say we want to become healthier, but do we make the effort? Could we exercise more, even doing just low impact movements? I’m guilty as sin when it comes to that plan. I want to but never seem to stick to it, which is ridiculous. Nobody has to tell me that I need to lose weight. I know full well that I need to, but this year I’m really going to try to see it through. For me, there’s no excuse! I love all kinds of food – vegetables, fruit, seafood, salads and chicken and beef, too. My biggest problem is carbs –those dastardly carbs! When I’m stressed, I don’t eat tons of food, I eat the wrong kinds of food. Shame, shame on me!

Whether folks do Atkins, keto, Nutrisystem, Weight Watchers, TOPS or what, consistency seems to be the best policy. I was visiting my friend in Manns Harbor last week when another friend dropped by to see her and oh my! She looked wonderful! She had lost 92 lbs. not from surgery or diet pills or starvation, but by eating sensibly and walking. I hadn’t seen her in a long time, but I was so happy for her! And every time I see my daughter Bonnie, I feel crummy that I haven’t made the effort she has. In her case, she lost 120 lbs. from eating very healthy, exercising like crazy and just being smart about it. She looks awesome – I want to be like these two young women and get on the ball. How about you?

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Unfortunately, sometimes things come along that we just can’t help, but gee whiz, when we can do something to make things better in our life, why don’t we? Do we need our lips sewn together? Do we need a buzzer that sounds off when we eat something we shouldn’t? Do we need hypnosis? I know someone who lost 70 lbs. after she was hypnotized – I was shocked, she looked terrific and like a new person! Or do we just need to get off our bottom ends and say, “Enough is enough!” That’s me to a “T.” Alrighty then, this is a fat girl’s challenge to all you folks who want to but just can’t seem to follow through! Let’s kick these excessive pounds to the curb! Okay? Are you with me?

If it’s just bad eating habits, let’s get a grip! We’re worth looking our best, feeling our best and being our best. (I sound like one of those TV commercials, but it’s the truth!) My hair is mostly grey and white, but that’s okay. I use a cane most of the time because of my arthritic knee, but that’s okay too. We aren’t all bathing beauties – I never have been, I never will be – but I’m pretty confident in myself, I feel good about who I am as a person, and I know while there’s room for improvement. I’m capable of becoming a better me.

Whether you want to quit smoking, drinking, chewing, eating the wrong things, sitting idle while the world passes you by … you and I still have life (thank the good Lord) and we still have a chance to get on the stick and stop living our life short of our full potential. I want to finish writing my book – I have several in mind with much material already written; I want to go places I haven’t been before – I want to learn all I can about things I know little about; I want to continue more in support of our veterans … and find a way to educate the public about our watermen, their value, their contribution to our lives, our communities and to fresh, clean healthy seafood for our tables. I want to love people more; pray harder for the people (politicians) I totally disagree with because I can’t change their way of thinking, but God sure can!

My goal is to be better than ever … for my children, grandchildren, family and friends near and far; I want to set my goals higher, reach farther, strive harder to be the best Marsha M. Brown the Lord and my Mama and Daddy created! In my prayers, I will ask the Lord to give me every blessing He thinks I deserve and that I will in turn, make the most of them for His glory.

New Year is counting down. By the time you read this Gig Line we’ll likely already be in 2023 – yippee! Let’s all make the best of it and help others make the best of themselves along with us. Let’s pray for healing among those we love dearly; wisdom on the part of those who govern us; protection for our law enforcement and military communities, for our firemen, paramedics, EMTs and all the medical staff that make important decisions in our health care; guidance for our teachers and educators who bear the responsibility to encourage and inspire our children and young adults to have hope in their future and instill a desire to do good in their life; and to our pastors, missionaries and selfless people who love faith, kindness and humanity – help them dear Lord to be strong, not to give up, not to give in but rather to teach us all that we will be accountable for the things we do in this life and lastly, let’s realize that forgiveness is a blessing but not to be taken lightly or for granted.

To all of you awesome veterans who have given of yourselves for all of us, I very sincerely thank you. We are a grateful nation! We are special people who were created individually and incredibly for a purpose we may not understand – but while we are able, while we can do good, let’s help others, stand for principle, integrity and honor. LET’S DO IT!

Thank you for reading Gig Line. It means more to me than you know. This past year I have kept your letters, sticker pages, cards, emails and texts – they are in my keepsake box because each of you touch my life, my thoughts and my heart. God bless you in this New Year 2023! May all your hopes, dreams and heart’s desires be fulfilled and overflowing and may you touch the lives of others the way you have touched mine.

Veterans, please contact Patty O’Sullivan, Dare County veteran service officer, if you need a duplicate DD-214; if you have a medical issue that could be service connected or if you’d like to find out what, if anything, you might be eligible for through the V.A. Patty’s office number is 252-475-5604 and her work cell is 252-473-7749. If you lease property full time or own property in Dare County (improved or unimproved) and you have or can produce a copy of your DD-214 showing honorable discharge, you’re eligible to acquire a free Dare County Veteran Discount Card. Call either my cell (252-252-2058), as secretary of the Dare County Veterans Advisory Council, or Patty can issue the card to you that will save you money at over 100 business establishments from Corolla to Hatteras Village. Grateful proprietors who discount their goods or services for veterans do so to thank you for your service and sacrifice. Please call me or Patty at your convenience and we’ll plan to meet you, look at your DD-214, your driver’s license and either a copy of your rental lease or a Dare County property tax bill. NOTE: your driver’s license does not have to be a North Carolina license and we do not keep your documents, they are for review purposes only.

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In this New Year, love others like you never have before; forgive those who have disappointed you or let you down; spread hope and joy; show pride in the United States of America and pray. I personally believe that our Heavenly Father knows us better than we know ourselves and that He loves us dearly. Until next time, be healthy, safe and happy. God bless you and your loved ones. Take care and stay tuned!