Jordan Lane shares love of lacrosse

Published 3:54 pm Wednesday, February 22, 2023

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Jordan Lane is on a roll. The guitar-playing, lacrosse-coaching line cook has a full plate these days and a baby girl on the way to boot.

A 2016 First Flight High School graduate, Lane has emerged as the head coach of the Seahawks middle school lacrosse team. On a recent Monday, 29 players showed up for the first day of practice despite some chilly cold temperatures.

Coach Lane keeps the players engaged by being up-beat and straight forward.

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“Eyes on me!” he yells. “Eyes on me!”

Lane clearly explains drills and is quick to demonstrate techniques. He commands the kids’ attention. Lane is knowledgeable about the sport and relates well to these middle school boys who can’t wait to play this rough and tumble game.

Both players and parents like him, according to Megan Rubino.

“Jordan Lane is an extraordinary person and coach,” she said. “He is passionate about lacrosse and loves the kids. Jordan believes in the kids for showing up and working hard.

“He ignites a spark in them by leading with his heart and connecting with the kids emotionally,” Rubino added. “They are inspired to do their best for him and the team that he has united with his love.

“Jordan’s players never forget him as he continues to support them as they grow in their lives,” she said. “He is one of a kind.”

Lane played lacrosse under John Van Lunen at the high school and was a central player in first group who really thrived, coach Van Lunen said.

Now, Lane is feeding a large volume of experienced players to the high school.

“It’s huge, just huge,” Van Lunen said. “We were the Eastern Regional champions last year.”

The Nighthawks lost in the state championship match in Cary to finish with 14 wins, four losses.

“Jordan’s class was the first one that bought into what we were doing,” Van Lunen added. “We made it made it to the playoffs for the first time his last year.”

Since that spring in 2016, Lane has shared his zeal with the beach kids. At age 24, he’s also youthful, energetic and passionate about the sport, which is often called the fastest game on two feet.

So, has he been successful?

“One hundred percent!” Lane said. “We’ve done well in what was Southside Lacrosse and now Coastal Crush Lacrosse.

“We play in Hampton Roads and almost all private schools,” he said.

Assisting Lane is coach Matt Khouri, owner of Outer Banks Boil Company, who has helped by making donations and “been an outstanding assistant coach the last two years.”

A third coach, Connor Coleman, has a solid defensive background and excelled at Tusculum (TN) University and Tennessee Wesleyan.

Lane is quick to point out that they’ve had success during his tenure and he’s pleased with how things are progressing so far this year.

“I don’t think we’ve lost more than two or three games a season since I’ve been coaching,” he said. “It’s good competition, teams like Cape Henry and Norfolk Academy … we’ve done great!”

To keep everything rocking and rolling along, Lane cooks full-time in Kitty Hawk.

“My daytime gig is at Bad Bean,” he said. “I’m playing in the band and getting quite a few gigs there – every Friday and Saturday night.

Lane explained that he first picked up a guitar around age 12 but “put it down” for a spell in high school. Later, he met his band mates and formed Hot Sauce, which includes Tony Martinez on bass, Rory McFarland on keyboards and Aaron Kohlhafer on drums.

On a recent night at Avalon Pier, Lane belted out some classic rock numbers by Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix and even the Rolling Stones. They have their own little funky sound mixed in and the crowd loved them.

Like everything else he does, Lane gives it one hundred percent.

“These are all songs I grew up listening to in the back of the car, in the back seat,” he said. “Now, we’re just starting to write and play our own songs.”