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Published 12:23 pm Monday, March 20, 2023

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Numerous times over the past months you all have read about The Wall That Heals coming to Dare County this November 2023. Very soon we will see the talent and good works of Dorothy Hester, Dare County’s public information officer, and her outstanding team because they’ve been working to create a website designed to educate the public about The Wall That Heals and the incredible benefit that it will bring to the Outer Banks.

As soon as the VVMF (Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund) group that oversees The Wall That Heals notifies us that we can launch the website, it will be available online. If, in the interim, you would like to offer us your assistance in any way, the Dare County Veterans Advisory Council/Project Committee would embrace your interest.

First: if you are physically able to help erect the Wall itself, which involves carrying the heavy granite panels that list the precious names of our fallen, please contact Patty O’Sullivan at 252-473-7749 or 252-475-5604. As many of you know, Patty is our Dare County veterans service officer and she is also the awesome lady who willingly took on the responsibility to organize this project and if I wore a hat, I swear I’d take it off to her every single day! And besides that, Patty’s husband, Tony Imperiale, is a Vietnam veteran!

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Once the website is live, you’ll be able to sign up online, however until that takes place, you’re welcome to contact Patty and she’ll add you to the growing list of people who wish to become a part of this event in a significant way. Again, once the website is live, you can go directly to the site to sign up.

Also, if you would like to make a tax-deductible donation to help offset the considerable expenses to bring it to the Outer Banks, you can do so in this way: mail your check payable to: Dare County Motorsports Charity Group (or to abbreviate D.C.M.C.G.), PO Box 999, Nags Head, N.C. 27959 – MEMO: The Wall That Heals. It’s very important that you do that because the D.C.M.C.G. does many good things for our communities and our children and they asked that the check memo clearly indicate the donation is for The Wall That Heals. Commissioner Terry Gray of Kill Devil Hills is well known for his outstanding community service and as someone who is so intertwined with our bikers all across this nation, he is overseeing the humongous escort that will bring The Wall That Heals to rest on our grounds from its initial arrival Tuesday, November 14 until its departure Sunday, November 19 this year.

I have known Terry since he was a young man and I can tell you that without question he’s a man that knows how to get things done. He’s an outstanding gentleman who is loved by everyone who knows him. He and the wife he adores, Jane, live in Kill Devil Hills and they’re a precious, giving couple who we are very blessed to have as our neighbors. While Terry is not a veteran himself, he has family who have served in Vietnam and his general love and respect for our Vietnam veterans runs deep. He has taken on the huge task of organizing, delegating and overseeing the very crucial escort also because he knows the heart of our bikers many of which are Vietnam veterans and staunch supporters of Vietnam veterans.

I can say without reservation, not only will the presence of The Wall That Heals make an indelible impression on all of us but seeing the dedication of the bikers as they fully escort it in will touch every heart that beats, I can promise you that. I already plan on bring my tissues because just thinking about seeing the escort demonstrate their pride in our Vietnam veterans gives me goose bumps.

If you can, I strongly suggest you being in Dare County this year on Tuesday, November 14 so that you and your loved ones can witness the grandeur and majesty of The Wall That Heals arrival. The very sight of these dedicated American patriot bikers ushering in this formidable reminder of our history should not be missed. It will be an event that your children, great and grandchildren will never forget. There will likely be few dry eyes as our courageous men and women who gave the ultimate sacrifice are honored. The enormous truck that will transport the precious black granite panels will pass through and sweep our emotions to the surface and we will remember not only those we lost, but those who suffered and died after returning home from the effects of exposure to Agent Orange.

Each committee member who is volunteering their time to see this event come to fruition are worthy of praise and I will acknowledge them individually, but in addition to Patty O’Sullivan and Terry Gray, I’d like to thank our commissioner Wally Overman. From the very first committee meeting to investigate the possibility of The Wall That Heals even coming here, Wally (vice chairman of the Board of Commissioners) jumped in with both hands and feet to help us determine the feasibility and to determine how he might be able to help. Since the plan of action officially got underway, he faithfully attends our frequent meetings, both offering information he has gathered and absorbing what the rest of us have learned and personally, I can’t thank him enough.

Both commissioner Overman and Patty O’Sullivan attend every public meeting opportunity possible to present The Wall That Heals and each time they have presented to a town meeting or gathering, the response is positive and enthusiastic. To date, they have already offered the materials and short video to the towns of Nags Head, Southern Shores, Manteo, Kill Devil Hills, Duck and they have pending schedules for the Town of Kitty Hawk on Monday, March 6 at 6 p.m.; then the Chamber of Commerce on Wednesday, March 22 at 8:30 a.m. and the Outer Banks Board of Realtors – Thursday, March 23 at Captain George’s Restaurant at noon. They will also present to the Board of Commissioners on Monday, April 3 at 9 a.m. at the Board of Commissioners’ Office in Manteo.

If you would like to see/hear Patty and commissioner Overman’s presentation at your organization’s meeting, please contact Patty at 252-473-7749. There is no doubt what they have to tell your group will not only enlighten you on the topic but it will make you as excited to see this project unfolding as the rest of us!

Next week, I’ll share information about the Patriot Foundation – Scholarship Programs Eligibility Requirements, so please check it out!

Until next time folks, be healthy, safe, and happy! Life is short … oh so short. Please live your best life – love yourself first so you can love others fully. You are created individually and specifically to bless all of us, so consider the gifts, talents, skills and opportunities that you were given and use them for good! If you have faith, hope and charity in your heart, you’re on the top. Struggles come to all of us in life, but don’t let anything get you down because even the worst of the worst will never, EVER overrun the heart of loyal patriotic devoted Americans! My cell phone/text: (252) 202-2058; my email: and website: – you’re welcomed to contact me if you’d like because I really like hearing from you! God bless our troops wherever they may be; God bless you and those you love, and God bless America. I love you all so much. Stay tuned!