Gig Line: Contrast

Published 2:39 pm Thursday, March 30, 2023

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When I was much younger and Daddy would tell me about the “good ole days,” I’d sit and listen as much as he needed or wanted me to. He was my Dad and I was proud to be his daughter and that was that. But the older I’ve gotten I can understand more clearly why he talked about the past and how he cherished those memories. I find myself thinking more like that myself nowadays and in considering the contrast of when Daddy was a bit taken back by the Beatles, I shutter to think of how he’d feel about our world today.

Even my sweet husband much younger than Daddy … I can’t help but wonder how he would look at the word today … no, never mind … on second thought, I already know. He’d be disappointed that life had changed so much even since 2016 when he went to Heaven.

He so revered the American eagle … it was majestic and exceptional in Billy’s eyes, and I think most of us would agree. Just before he was deployed to Vietnam, he and his buddies went to a tattoo parlor and each of them got a tattoo. Billy’s pick was that of an American Eagle grasping a banner in its talons with one word inscribed – Billy.

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Because of his love for that magnificent creature, I bought him a huge stained-glass panel for his birthday that hangs between our two front living room windows, a beautiful bust of an eagle that he kept on his dresser and a gold/black onyx ring that he wore on special occasions. They were just a few gifts I knew he’d love and appreciate.

Last week I watched on TV and saw on YouTube two stories that you might have seen as well. One involved an eagle that showed an excellent view of a cam in Minnesota, not intrusive in any way, but close enough to watch a pair of eagles as they built a nest. In the video you could see the birds fly in and out bringing preparations for the eggs she would soon lay. In the recording you could witness the “couple” build it twig by twig carrying the longer pieces in their beaks one on each end carefully placing the sticks to fit perfectly in just the right spot. It was amazing to watch. Over time, naturally, the cam continued recording, though minimized and edited to the nitty gritty. In essence a winter storm had come in and produced a heavy blanket of snow completely covering the majestic bird exposing only the mother’s head – she was determined to remain stationery while being coated in the fluffy white precipitation to keep her two eggs warm and safe. (I dare anyone to even try to convince me there isn’t a God who is alive and well!)

In contrast, the second story was about two young fellas in their twenties who reportedly had shot and killed an eagle – and their intent, according to the story, was to eat it. Really? They had no respect for one of the most beautiful living things there is that just happens to also be the national bird of the United States of America? Seriously? I suppose to some our symbols of strength and power aren’t a big deal. Maybe our adversaries think that way too. Not me – not ever. The image of the eagle that appears on our nation’s seal speaks volumes.

I remember once hearing a woman describe her opinion on tattoos – about how she thought they were disgusting and ugly, but oh contraire! While it is true that over time and weight loss, another beautiful creature being the swordfish, can through age and weight loss appear more like a gar, it was important to our servicemen in Vietnam (and law enforcement too) for specific body ID especially before the  DNA sciences so drastically expanded and improved … thank the Lord! My hubby’s parents were pastors and while he knew they would not likely approve, he chose to take the extra effort to ensure he could be identified if need be.

Yep, I’m like my Daddy and proud to have been raised as a baby-boomer. I don’t mind telling you that speaking of contrasts, when men and women were just that – when men opened doors for ladies as a show of respect (that gesture became challenged when bras were burned if I remember correctly). It was nice though … really nice while it lasted.

Daddy and Billy were both right. They loved our country – Daddy, a U.S. Coast Guard Retiree and WWII veteran and Billy a U. S. Army Vietnam veteran. They were both set in their ways about certain things, but their stubbornness was a positive thing, at least to me. They were patriotic, they respected our flag, our Constitution and our faith.

Truthfully, I like that I can research with clicks of the keys on my laptop (though I love our libraries) and our cell phones? Oh, my word! What would be do without them? But still, I wouldn’t trade the beautiful life I have lived with incredibly loving parents, a devoted husband that was proud to call me “his” wife and two children that I so adore who blessed us with four grandchildren you can only dream that you will have. Overall life is good, you know?

Troubles are abundant in our nation, disagreements roar within the corridors of our Capitol and on stages and platforms across the U.S. too often. No doubt about it, sometimes just because opposing political parties want to prove their point, even at our peril. It’s nothing short of ridiculous! We can agree to disagree but if everyone was strictly doing the job they were elected to do, look out for the good of mankind, the safety of our nation and respect and uphold intelligent decisions that were made way back in the day, we’d be better off.

I think there is good and bad in nearly everything. We just must figure out which is which and stick by our decision, stand up for our opinion if we feel sure it’s worthy to be defended and pray that it will be for the good of everybody.

By the way, if you haven’t seen the new Dare County press release about The Wall That Heals, please check it out via It’s very well done and explains a lot about what we will get to experience this fall.

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Until next time, be healthy, safe and happy! Love even the seemingly unloveable and find forgiveness even if well hidden. God loves you and so do I! I pray blessings for all of you. Stay tuned!