Gig Line: B.O.L. – Awesome talent is coming!

Published 8:15 am Sunday, May 7, 2023

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I don’t know if you all have had the privilege of meeting or befriending one of our outstanding OBX locals, but her name is Lisa Brickhouse-Davis. Lisa works with our local radio station 99.1 “The Sound” where she does sales, marketing and promotion and hosts the afternoon program. Fortunately, I have come to know her not only as an acquaintance, but as a friend.

It wasn’t too long after our Board of Commissioners initiated the Dare County Veterans Advisory Council in 2012 that Lisa contacted me about her desire to learn more about the goals of the council, being an avid supporter of our veterans. As it turned out, Lisa participated in our monthly meeting after that and what surrounded her was a bright and shining light.

In essence, as per her own words, Lisa is a “5th generation ‘Outer Banker’” and we all know that’s special in itself! Soon after our meeting was called to order, she expressed her sincere interest in the goals of the council and in finding out how or what she could do to help. That first encounter I found her to have a sweet disposition, an eagerness to help promote good things for our veterans and I learned about her family members who had served our great nation. It was apparent how much her grandfather John Peterson Sr. (WWII – Navy); and three great-uncles who served in WWII and the Korean War: Roscoe Liverman, George Liverman and Grover Liverman. Lisa proudly declared that her uncle Carl Peterson also served in the Army in Vietnam. It was clear as a bell I tell you … she is devoted to her family and to all our veterans. I can only imagine what their family reunions must be like!

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This endearing young lady who exuded kindness and an eagerness to offer respect and support to her “heroes” was engaging to say the least. It was clear to all of us that she appreciated the sacrifices of our veterans and that she was fueled to bring awareness to them, show pride in them and encourage the respect they were due.

Hence, Lisa went to work creating and organizing the first Annual Dare2Care OBX Shred Fest. Yes, I said “shred,” but it has nothing to do with shredding papers or anything else. What it does have to do with is an awesome event to bring out folks with special needs and our veterans, too, so that we might all witness, learn and become more engaged in offering help for these two communities.

Obviously, Lisa found her inspiration to be a success and this year, the Sixth Annual OBX Shred Fest, set for Saturday, May 20, 2023 at the Soundside Outer Banks (Nags Head) Event Site at 6800 South Croatan Hwy. in Nags Head, will include special events and activities, per Lisa being: “local, regional and national bands on two separate stages with live action demos from professional BMX bikers, and roller skaters but also skateboarders.” Lisa went on to say, the “family-friendly event will feature a veterans honoring opening ceremony, interactive family fun zone, artisan vendors, Renate’s raffle hut, food and beverages along with the Dare2Care OBX Community Corner highlighting area non-profit organizations.”

Lisa smiles when she continues, “This annual fundraiser has positively impacted the community by providing free music programs for area special needs and veteran community members. Money raised through the annual Dare2Care OBX Shred Fest helps provide continued funding for Dare County’s first and only inclusive rock band, the ‘OBX Shreddars.”

General admission is $25; vets/military $15; students/kids (6-17) $10; and 5 yrs. old and under free admission. For tickets at information, go to or on Facebook: Dare2CareOBX. Contact Lisa to offer your help by email at or you can also call her cell at 252-305-5847. It would be a great idea if you mark your paper or electronic calendars, about this very special day and attend if you can. All the day’s events will be memorable but for our youth who may find learning a musical instrument too challenging, all the participants in this event may help them realize they are totally capable after all!

Remember my telling you over the past two weeks about something awesome coming to the Outer Banks? Well, let me fill you in now! While there will be several bands who will perform at the Shred Fest, who will be fun and entertaining, one in particular – “The Resilient” – is an especially unique band that will stand out. It is a band that is comprised of veterans who through their sacrifice, lost their legs or arms or both while serving our country. But they chose to accept their situation and banded together to write, sing and produce music and it will be such an honor for us to have a chance to say “THANK YOU” – not only in person, but prior to their arrival to help support their trip/accommodations and expenses while they are here.

If you would like to read about them, please research The Resilient online at where you will learn the things they experienced, endured and absorb the reflection of their inspirations. These men are brothers by nature of their history, but they have extended that kinship by enhancing their brotherhood to make music. It is profound!

When you click on their website, you will learn about their initial contact while rehabilitating at Walter Reed Military Hospital, then later adding to their band in a way that was simply meant to be. How? How do you say thank you to a group of heroes who have suffered so much but made a pact not to let their injuries and loss hold them down, instead forge ahead through their huge adjustments in life to live, create and deliver hope, resiliency and determination to the rest of us. Please take the time to read an interesting summary of their history.

If you would like to contact Lisa about donating to either the OBX Shred Fest fundraiser or to buy tickets (I have an idea! If you own a business, how about if you bought a block of tickets to give to your employees?) or as an individual or proprietor to offer monetary support to The Resilient band? If you would like to, please contact Lisa through the means I have referenced in this Gig Line.

In talking more with Lisa Brickhouse-Davis I learned that she has been interested in extreme athletes all her life, however even more so realizing that while we should celebrate the strong, healthy and ripped athletes as a norm, we should also stop and consider the hardships, challenges and pure determination to overcome physical or mental adversities and compete within themselves to accomplish great feats in the athleticism realm – because when you think about it, they exude excellence in their approach, their effort and their overall spirit. When it comes right down to it, they best convey extreme athletes!

Lisa set out to bring attention to special needs and to our veterans and she has done just that! And another thing, I have met her delightful mama, Karen, at some of our craft shows and what a sweetheart! She is also a lover of veterans and with good reason! It’s obvious when you’re around them how much love and devotion there is between the two of them. Karen, you raised her right! I’m certain that I am just one of countless others who are privileged to know them both!

Good people are all around us, you know? Folks who care about others, who care about those with physical infirmities who hold their chin up and live life, we have much to learn from them and to consume their standards.

I hope you all will attend the OBX Shred Fest if possible but at the very least, you get the drift, what Lisa is doing is worthy of our help in whatever way we can show support and I hope we will!

Until next time, be healthy, safe and happy. Find joy whenever, wherever and with whomever you can. Remember that this ol’ girl loves you all – every one of you – but the good and precious Lord loves each of us beyond our comprehension. If you’re a veteran and need help, please call Patty O’Sullivan, veteran service officer at 252-475-5604, cell: 252-473-7749 or email her: patricia.o’ Patty is the only V.A. official source in Dare County who can assist you with submitting a V.A. disability claim, request a duplicate DD-214 for you, etc. If you’d like to call me to chat or comment on Gig Line, please do so, my cell: 252-202-2058, email: and for previous Gig Line columns: (there’s a bunch!). Ok folks, God bless you and those you love. You know the drill … stay tuned!