Shiver me timbers! The Outer Banks Daredevils rebranded, now the Scallywags

Published 8:34 am Monday, May 8, 2023

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Ahoy matey! Are ye ready for a whole new experience this summer at the ballpark? The former Outer Banks Daredevils have been relaunched, relocated and now rebranded. The team is pleased to announce its new name: The Outer Banks Scallywags.

The rebrand follows a three-year, pandemic-related hiatus for the collegiate summer baseball team. Founded in 1996, the former Daredevils have been bringing excitement to the island’s ballparks for years. This season, they’ll return to their original field at Manteo High School, with a packed game schedule running from June 1 through August 5.

With new faces behind the team, a new look and a new season on the horizon, everyone is gearing up for a whole new experience with the Outer Banks Scallywags.

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The name came from the area’s well-known history of pirates. “I don’t know that there’s a more conspicuous connection with Outer Banks than the pirates,” said the team’s general manager Michael Dooley. The Scallywags’ vice president Meredith Howell grew up on the beaches of Nags Head and was always “enthralled” with the history of pirates on the Outer Banks. “Based on trade routes, this part of the Outer Banks was so effective for pirates, not only at sea but on land.” She shared, “It was exciting to start thinking about the pride in our area and the stories that there are to tell about the Outer Banks and tie that in with the team.”

Meredith and her husband Jason Howell, team president, have worked in tandem with one another alongside Dooley to handle the merchandising and rebranding of the team, weaving Meredith’s knowledge of the area’s history with Jason’s love of baseball to create the Scallywags theme.

While maintaining a strong tie with the area’s history was top priority for the team, Dooley shared that the staff wanted to create an unforgettable experience for guests. The pirate theme will be present throughout – from a themed concourse with interactive games and scallywag-approved social media opportunities, to Davy Jones locker-worthy food and beverage options to an in-character broadcast, complete with pirate lingo and Old English dialect, to a new line of merchandise, attendees are in for an all-out pirate-themed baseball adventure.

“We are thrilled that the team will be in Manteo,” shared Jed Dixon, Manteo High School booster club president. Dixon will also head food and beverage for the games; all proceeds from concessions will go back to the MHS athletic booster club. “Having the team play at Manteo really benefits our baseball program. Young kids can come in and see players playing in their hometown, it’s really a win-win.” Dixon said the MHS athletic teams will have the opportunity to sign up for different weeks to work the concession stands throughout the summer, sporting new Scallywags gear and serving ballgame favorites.

Pastor Marc O’Neal will serve as the Scallywags’ team chaplin. Having grown up in a baseball family and playing throughout school, O’Neal was eager to serve the team. “I had heard that the team was coming back and would be located in Manteo, and thought about how our church could be of service to them.” O’Neal sought out Dooley and the two discussed ways in which the church could be involved, such as helping find host families, providing meals, organizing banquets and possibly offering bible studies to the players. “We’re working out the details, but the way I envision it is to offer bible studies during week, one-on-one time to talk or ask questions, making sure my office is open, meeting them out on field … really help make this a successful year for the team.”

The Scallywag staff hopes that the return, relocation and rebranding of the team brings the community together and gives everyone an opportunity to enjoy a night out at the ballpark. “We want this to excite our locals and our tourists, and give them a reason to drive to Manteo,” said Dooley.

Game day tickets and merchandise are now available on the team’s website. Fan can also book birthday and team parties, sign up for baseball camp, join the Scallywags kids club, register to be a bat boy at one of the games (ages 9 to 12), and learn about all of the special events taking place at the ballpark this summer by visiting