The Bright Side: Love never fails

Published 4:32 pm Wednesday, July 5, 2023

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I haven’t felt this compelled to share some recent realizations with anyone in quite some time. God has placed quite a few truths on my heart lately that I feel called to share with those that read this.

As I have prepared to enter a new chapter of my life, I’ve looked at myself in a new light. Where before I would obsess over little things and strive to achieve a kind of perfection that would have never been obtainable, I now see there are greater things I can put my energy towards. Here is a list of some of the things I’ve learned over the past year:

  1. Make room for love. Let it find you in whatever way God deems fit. It’s so easy to close ourselves off from love when we’ve been heartbroken, but I’ve come to find that love is the greatest thing someone could ever experience. And the love that God offers us every second of the day is well worth the pain that comes along with loving someone so much it hurts.
  2. If we choose to hold onto anger, hurt, stress, unworthiness, jealousy, etc., it will eventually, in one way or another, weigh us down. It gathers in the shoulders, on the back of our necks and slowly gets heavier. And that fear becomes our burden to bear. A dear friend once said to me, “If you can’t help or control something, let it go for your own sake. You’ll live longer for those who love you.”
  3. Stop picking your body apart. God made it clear to me recently that a “lived in” body is much better than one that is altered to appease those who do not dwell in it. The stretch marks, scars, wrinkles and belly rolls are all signs of a body we have called home. Nourish it, care for it and remember to go easy on it. One cannot expect their home to stay in tip top shape forever. Embrace the wear and tear.
  4. Go to the water. We are so fortunate to live in a place that is surrounded by water, something I personally dreamt about for such a long time. Water is healing. I soak my feet in the sound as much as I can. I let the water engulf my ankles. As it ebbs and flows, I let my worries drift away in the gentle current.
  5. It’s okay to ask for peace. We all need it. Peace of mind, peace of heart, whatever it is, ask God for it. I’ve gotten into the habit of calling on the Holy Spirit for peace. A simple “Come, Holy Spirit” fills me with the most serene silence. When your thoughts race and the world seems to be taking you for a spin, ask for peace. God will grant you it.
  6. Be grateful for both the sunshine and the rain. Where the sun warms, the rain cleanses. It would be hard having one without the other. Thunderstorms lead to rainbows. A tough season often leads to a worthwhile one, so long as we learn to seek the good despite the bad.
  7. My grandfather always used to say, “If you make one really good, true friend throughout your life, you’re lucky.” He was right. Friends are truly a gift from God, and if we even have but one person in our lives we can call a friend, to turn to in tough times, laugh with in happy times, and depend on no matter what, that’s something worth cherishing.
  8. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. We cannot do it all alone. God created Eve for Adam; He created companionship for a reason. Whether it be family, friends, coworkers, neighbors, etc., if you find yourself in a pickle, go to them. You’d be surprised how willing people are to help.
  9. We have a choice every day when we wake up: we can either choose to focus on the positive things going on in our lives, or we can choose to focus on all of the negatives. The choice is yours, but if you want my advice, the tight feeling in your chest and pressure in your head will ease if you choose the former.
  10. Love never fails. 1 John 4:16-17 tells us that God is love and all who live in love live in God, and God lives in them. God, in His essence, is love that never fails. When you feel alone, remember this. Write it down on a sticky note and put it in your car, in your office, in whatever room you visit most. Know that you are so deeply and wonderfully loved.

Danielle Puleo is a staff writer for The Coastland Times. Reach her at

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