Missouri child injured after being struck by two vehicles while attempting to cross bypass in Kill Devil Hills

Published 12:17 pm Thursday, July 20, 2023

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The Kill Devil Hills Police Department has reported on a “potentially tragic incident involving a 10-year-old child crossing the bypass” that occurred late afternoon on Wednesday, July 19, 2023 near the intersection of US 158 and Palmetto Street in Kill Devil Hills.

“At approximately 4:43 p.m. the child, his mother and a sibling were standing on the northwest corner of the Palmetto Street and US 158 intersection attempting to cross the bypass heading east (toward the beach),” stated a KDHPD news release. “During a break in southbound traffic the three ran toward the center turn lane. The mother and the other child stopped in the center turn lane to wait for northbound traffic to clear: the 10-year-old continued across US 158 into oncoming traffic.”

According to the release, the child was struck by a Chevrolet SUV driving in the inside travel lane, nearest to the turn lane. “The child bounced off the Chevrolet’s right front bumper and landed on the highway in front of a Toyota SUV. The Toyota also struck the child, but the driver was able to brake in time to avoid running completely over the child,” the release continued.

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The child was initially evaluated “with severe injuries, however upon examination at the Outer Banks Hospital, the worst fears proved unfounded. He was released to his family,” stated the news release issued Thursday morning, July 20. “His mother reports he is resting and, as of this morning, a serious case of road rash and a couple of broken teeth seem to be the extent of the child’s injuries.”

The driver of the Chevrolet is from Kitty Hawk and the driver of the Toyota is from Maryland. The pedestrians were from Missouri. There is no traffic signal or crosswalk at US 158 and Palmetto Street in Kill Devil Hills. KDHPD reports traffic was moving at or slightly below the posted speed limit of 50 mph and alcohol was not a factor on anyone’s part.

“But for an extraordinary amount of luck and the quick reactions of other drivers, this story could have had a very different ending,” noted KDHPD. “The Department hopes this incident will serve as a cautionary tale and would like to remind the public that pedestrians should always cross the bypass at traffic signals where there are designated crosswalks. It goes without saying that children should be under the direct control of an adult at all times when near any busy road.”