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Published 12:39 pm Monday, October 23, 2023

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As in the last few mornings, I woke up thankful for the day and my blessings and before I began to thank the Lord for so many in my life, my heart and mind went to Israel and the insurmountable suffering and death so many men, women, children and even babies have experienced in the last several days.

To consider that many weather-related catastrophes, fires, earthquakes, etc. have taken countless lives across our nation and the world throughout my life at the hand of nature and totally unintentional circumstance, it’s hard to take in, but then reflecting on the non-stop news coverage that tells it like it is with horrible stories it’s nothing short of overwhelming. Why? Why is there anybody anywhere that would and could inflect such suffering on masses of people?

War is war … it is extremely hard; traumatizing and difficult to ever get over and even among the strongest of survivors – those with a steadfast inner constitution and who are emotionally stable – it is horrible. This ordeal Israel has just experienced and is still experiencing is felt deeply for obvious reasons, but it is exceptionally brutal, savage and deliberate. It is a monstrous move to destroy people because they were born a Jew or because they chose the Jewish faith or because they live on one side of the challenged or disputed property line. Really? Dear God …

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In thinking about all this, I’ve had to ask myself how? Do they have any love for anything in their heart? What makes people so full of hate they could find slaughtering innocent lives from infants to the oldest senior citizen an achievement to be proud of?

And beyond that, how does anyone find excuse in their support of such conduct? How do any “Americans” wave or post flags backing the flags of the perpetrators? This whole ordeal has been shocking … painful to watch it unfold and to learn there was such an evil plan with a quest to destroy a nation and its people.

I’m praying for every person going through this in Israel, for the families of all ages who will be scarred for life … if they even survive; for those held captive injured, bleeding, suffering and desperate; for the mothers and fathers, wives and husbands, children and best friends who grieve each day not certain their loved one is even still alive. Then there are those who are there volunteering in droves to help defend their families and fellow citizens. God bless and be with them all.

If you remember, I’ve spoken several times about the book “Vietnam War – Lesson of a Lifetime” written by Charlie R. “Robbie” Beasley Jr., a local Vietnam veteran, resident of Southern Shores and waterman in Colington. I mention Robbie’s book again because of what wealth of information was in it about war and things as a Vietnam veteran widow that I never knew before. Thinking that Vietnam was so much about rice paddies and rain and water standing, I never knew there was tunnels not just for the enemy to hide in hoping to kill us, but actual cities under the ground. That resonated with me hearing about the tunnels the enemy of Jews have created that are so deep and sufficient to conduct business far out of sight where they hide their ammunition along with our friends, family members and our American soldiers as detainees.

Robbie’s book opened my eyes about a lot of things and I’m thankful that his having written about the dirty, nasty war where we lost more than 58,000+ servicemen and women will open and educate other’s eyes to the horrors of the Vietnam War.

I realize that we all have a mind of our own, even though it seems that we are more easily influenced and sucked in to follow the lead of ill minded people who have influenced hatred among races, religion, parent vs. children, and influencers of matters that we have shamefully condoned regarding the ridiculous absurd and unthinkable.

Is it funny to them? Do they lay back and cackle over the fact that so many in our own nation seem hypnotized, swayed or manipulated into adopting hideous prejudices?

I believe in free thinking, freedom of expression and in peaceful protest, but it seems obvious we have let our guard down, dropped our britches and exposed ourselves to the bad, unreasonable and totally unnecessary, unkind and prejudiced way of thinking … isn’t that ironic? That so much of what has been changing our country boasts and promotes non-prejudice when in essence is creates exactly that?

And one more thing on this topic, even if someone disputes the goodness of Israel and its people, is it okay to celebrate the brutal, barbaric massacre of the attack? Helloooooooo …

Along with prayers for the Jewish nation and its people, I will pray for the evil doers and ask God to convict them of their actions – but that is up to Him. Among Christians and the Bible, itself, we have read and studied that Jews are “God’s chosen people …” Deuteronomy 7:6. Beyond this point, I pray the Lord has mercy on all who have not perpetrated this horrific event nor supported or celebrated it.

I am NOT a religious fanatic, I don’t judge you if you drink too much, take unprescribed or illegal pills, act like a posterior in public or have so much distain for life, love and happiness that you can’t get past the hurt you may have suffered or endured in your life … no, no reason to judge you or think even for a second I have the right to … but there is reason to pray for you and that your inner heartaches subside; that you forgive those who have hurt you and that you realize you are a gift to the world. Be that gift to others, offer help to those who need it if you can, consider that none of us are better than the next person. We are blessed to have a life – how we chose to use it is up to us.

I ask all believers in prayer to pray for those affected directly and indirectly and for an end to this inconceivable attack. Pray for our nation – we need an adjustment big time. Overall, we are good. We care and love others and it’s about time we get our head on straight and stop the nonsense that is so apparent in our culture today.

Patty O’Sullivan, Dare County veteran service officer and director of the upcoming huge event The Wall That Heals, recently spoke at the commissioners meeting room to a group and she received a standing ovation. So happy for her! So proud of her countless hours of carrying out her daily responsibilities as V.S.O. but going above and beyond to see this project for Dare County and especially our Vietnam veterans and their families through. Thank you, Patty, commissioner Wally Overman and to all the committee members working diligently to see The Wall That Heals come to fruition this November. If you have a question related to a V.A. claim, benefits or entitlements or medical issues you have suffered because of exposure to Agent Orange, please contact Patty at her office: 252-475-5604, cell: 252-473-7749 and email: patricia.o’ If you wish to text/call me: 252-202-2058 or email:

If you want to show your support for Israel or your continued support of the U.S. and especially if you need to replace your current flag if it’s faded or torn, please consider purchasing one somewhere soon. With Veterans Day fast approaching, one suggestion is to acquire one (if not both) of the flags.

Until next time, thank you for reading Gig Line! Be healthy, safe and happy. Love you! Take care, God bless and as always, stay tuned!