Dare commissioners approve resolutions and Operation Green Light

Published 2:14 pm Monday, October 30, 2023

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On Oct. 2, 2023, Dare County commissioners approved a resolution authorizing application for a Unified NCDOT grant for running of the county’s transportation program, two planning matters and a resolution for Operation Green Light.

The fiscal year 2025 NCDOT grant funds two programs: 5310 transportation operation for seniors and individuals with disabilities and 5311 for administrative expenses. A combined capital grant covers expenses for two replacement vans on the NCDOT replacement schedule for a total of 10 revenue vans. The grant totals $457,261 with a local match of $93,840.

Two planning matters came before the board at the October meeting.

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Joseph Falk and Jeffrey Keznor and Nereina Keznor submitted a zoning amendment request to amend the C-2 General Commercial zoning district. The trio seeks the addition of breweries to the list of permitted uses allowed in areas zoned C-2.

The C-2 district applies to portions of Avon and Buxton, and is intended to provide for the development of commercial facilities to serve residents and the general public. Any text amendment to the C-2 district would also apply to all lands zoned C-3 in Avon, Buxton and on Roanoke Island, states the memorandum prepared by previous planner Savannah Newbern.

Breweries are defined as “a facility licensed by the State of North Carolina to produce, manufacture and distribute malt beverages. The total amount of malt beverages produced at a brewery shall not exceed 10,000 barrels annually.”

Two items must be met:

– No portion of the building or processing area shall be located closer than 75 feet to an existing residential structure. There shall be no outdoor storage of raw materials used in the manufacture of malt beverages.

– Minimum parking requirement. On-site parking for delivery trucks and employees shall be provided at a ratio of one 10 feet by 20 feet parking space per 1,000 square feet of heated gross floor area dedicated to production and one 10 feet by 20 feet parking space per 200 square feet of heated gross floor area dedicated to production.

A public hearing was held at which no one spoke. Dare’s commissioners approved the text amendment.

An item brought by Joe Thompson of Land’s End Development asks for a zoning map amendment for the property located at 41027 NC 12 in Avon. The property is currently zoned C-2 Commercial and has the Klub Koru on it. The applicant is requesting the property to be rezoned to C-3 Commercial. The property is adjacent to the pier property.

A public hearing was held at which no one spoke.

The approval of the commissioners was granted. Thompson can now recombine his adjoining property to the north that is zoned C-3 with this parcel so the two parcels can function in unity. He will need to submit a recombination plat and have special use permits amended so the properties can operate together.

Dare has been designated a Green Light for Veterans county.

A resolution in support of honoring Dare County’s veterans was adopted by the commissioners. The Green Light initiative encourages residents and businesses to show support for local veterans by shining green lights to let veterans know they are “seen, appreciated and supported.”

The resolution indicates that more than 3,200 veterans are currently living in Dare County.

Green lights are to be displayed Nov. 6 through Nov. 19.

This is a national initiative, sponsored by the National Association of Counties, which suggests a shorter period of time around Veteran’s Day for the display of green lights.

This year, the county’s resolution extends the time to include The Wall that Heals, which will be in Dare County Nov. 16 through 19 at the Event Site in Nags Head.

Another resolution is found in the consent agenda, which was approved.

A reimbursement resolution declares the county’s intent to reimburse itself for capital expenditures, called original expenditures, from the proceeds of Series 2024A limited obligation bonds. The limited obligation bonds will cover construction of the new youth center and construction, renovation and improvements to various Emergency Medical Services facilities.

During commissioner comments, commissioner Rob Ross reported that the Virginia Tillett Community Center toy drive lost one of its large donors. He asked for $10,000 for the toy drive, which the commissioners granted.

Ross also mentioned the following events: Oct 13, Stand up for Strays in Nags Head (sold out); Oct. 21, Dementia Friendly Task Force at Duck Woods Country Club in connection with the Outer Banks Tennis Association annual tennis tournament; and Oct. 27, The Outer Banks Hospital’s Cancer Shucks at Pirate’s Cove, ECU Health Foundation.

Ross also mentioned the Friends of Jockey’s Ridge State Park and its drive to secure a specialized license plate, with a beautiful photo of the ridge. To order, go to friendsofjockeysridge.org.

Commissioner Steve House took issue with the North Carolina Marine Fisheries social media campaign, which, he says, “highlights recreational fishing with nothing to do with commercial fishing.”

Commissioner Wally Overman said he has been on the Coastal Studies Institute Board of Directors since February 2017. He suggested appointing Ross to the board, which the Dare County Board of Commissioners did.

Commissioner Ervin Bateman acknowledged the death of Jimmy Ruhle on Sept. 28. He also acknowledged Domestic Violence Month.

Commissioner Danny Couch said he was concerned about citizens not having a place to live. “We can’t stick our heads in the sand.”

Couch also said “I am deeply appreciative of our county employees.”

The commissioners held an 18-minute closed session.

The next commissioners meeting is the day before the election, Monday, Nov. 6, 2023 at 9 a.m.