50 marathons, 50 states: Ranjeet Singh to run in Outer Banks Marathon as ninth stop on his journey of a lifetime

Published 1:58 pm Saturday, November 11, 2023

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Ranjeet Singh is a man on a mission. In partnership with the YMCA, this awe-inspiring athlete has set out to conquer 50 marathons in 50 states over the course of two years. His ninth marathon will be run right here on the Outer Banks, where he has been stationed for two weeks training, working and gearing up for the 2023 Outer Banks Marathon on November 12, 2023.

Singh has been traveling in an RV since June, when he completed his first marathon in Anchorage, Alaska. The YMCA has helped him map out his 50-state route, taking into consideration temperature, climate and time of year. Through this partnership, the athlete has been able to park his RV at a YMCA in each state a marathon takes place. The nonprofit organization has excitedly rallied behind his cause and started a fundraiser in Singh’s name in an effort to support his journey.

The Portsmouth, New Hampshire native has been a member of the Granite YMCA for seven years, where he spent countless hours training his body and mind for such a feat as this. Singh will be turning 50 years in 2024, which makes this journey even more memorable for him.

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“No one has done this the way I’m doing it,” Singh shared with The Coastland Times. Where athletes have completed the 50 marathons/50 states challenge, none have traveled to each state in an RV where they train, work and live for weeks at a time leading up to each event. “I wanted to go big and do this in a different way.”

The marathon pioneer said the YMCA has been a “great support.”

“Parking at the YMCA is very safe,” he explained, “and if I couldn’t stay here, I couldn’t do all the training.” With easy access the Y’s facilities, Singh has found it much easier to recover in between marathons. Programs and classes offered through the Y such as yoga, swimming and strength training have been extremely beneficial in ensuring the athlete is ready for his next event.

Back home, Singh has a personal trainer and dietician who have worked with him to prepare for this endeavor. He had completed a dry run prior to hitting the road, where he ran 10 miles in every state and would return home for a vital check and health exam. Singh also completed a 16-week marathon training program leading up to his departure. Upon receiving the green light for this challenge, he knew he was ready for the adventure of a lifetime.

“For me, every marathon is a long distance run for the next marathon,” Singh shared. His recovery time over the course of this journey thus far as decreased significantly, from a month down to a week. His contributes this success to the Y’s programs and offered stability of staying on site. The athlete has also taken the time to listen and learn from his body, and ensures he is getting proper rest and hydration.

Singh said that marathons are no joke, and although he has trained for years to complete such a task, he still gets tired and battles with telling his mind he can do what his body might not want to. He said, “Marathons are a real test of 26 miles … it’s a challenge from the start.” But his message to the masses was simple: “Age is just a number. If you have a dream about something, you can still do it, no matter what age you are.”

Aside from the marathons, Singh is still working 40 hours a week as a software engineer. His schedule consists of morning workouts, 8-hour job shifts and then three-hour evening runs. His wife and daughter have fully supported his journey and do their best to make it out to every marathon along the way. Singh’s plan is to finish this journey in 2025, at the Boston marathon, where he will run with his hometown running group comprised of 60-100 runners. Afterward, the marathoner would like to run from Los Angeles, California to New York in 72 days or less, which would require him to run 40-50 miles each day. Singh does not plan to slow down any time soon, and serves has a huge inspiration to those who have big aspirations.

Singh is dedicating the Outer Banks Marathon to his late friend Peter Dixon. Those who are interested in keeping up with Singh’s journey can learn more at graniteymca.org/ranjeet and follow his YouTube channel: @RunRanjeetSingh.