Carova residents will be required to construct trash receptacle enclosures

Published 2:17 pm Wednesday, December 20, 2023

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A new ordinance approved by Currituck commissioners will require Carova property owners to construct enclosures around trash receptacles for the protection of wildlife, particularly wild horses, as well as to keep cans from overturning in high winds and spilling garbage.

Residents can receive an exemption to the enclosure requirement if they set their receptacles out after 6 a.m. the day of pickup, and remove them from the curb the same day.

Commissioners discussed enforcement dates, settling on a six-month grace period after the ordinance is passed. Though it was approved at the December 4 meeting, it must be read at the next meeting before it will go into effect. This puts the end of the grace period around Memorial Day 2024.

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The regulations of the drafted ordinance are as follows:

The enclosure shall be non-reflective, non-shiny black or brown or green structure resistant to rust, corrosion, or rapid deterioration, with a bottom and sides that are of sufficient size and strength to prevent wind, animals, or fowl from spilling solid wastes from the receptacles stored therein. Said enclosed area shall be constructed so as to keep the bottom of the receptacles off the ground and shall have a cover over the top of the structure that will prevent weather elements from directly entering the enclosed structure.

This enclosed structure must be one which is: (1) Specifically designed and marketed by its manufacturer as being animal proof or animal resistant by virtue of containing qualities and features specifically designed to prevent animals from accessing its contents; or (2) Is approved by the Public Works director or his or her designee as having sufficient animal resistant qualities or features.