Four planning hearings set for Dare commissioners on Tuesday

Published 11:16 am Monday, January 1, 2024

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On Tuesday, Jan.  2, 2024, Dare County Board of Commissioners will convene for its first meeting of the New Year.

The published agenda has two public hearings and two quasi-judicial hearings.

The county’s adoption of the 2022 land use plan. If adopted, the plan replaces the 2009 land use plan now used as the standard for consistency in assessing planning matters. The public may speak at this hearing.

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The second hearing takes up a zoning text amendment regarding portable storage containers. The original request came from William and Shelly Daugherty for the Manns Harbor zone MH-A.

However, the draft language states “Portable Storage Unit Services may be offered as accessory uses to mini-storage facilities, storage warehouses, and storage/warehousing and storage centers in the following zoning districts: CS, I-1, HML, MC-2, MC-1, C-2, C-3, MH-A and S-1. Subject to the provisions of Section 22-31 Group Developments,…” and additional conditions.

Those conditions include that portable storage containers:

– Shall not be used for residential or commercial occupancy.

– Can only be on a property for 14 days unless associated with construction which must be installed in compliance with the Dare County Flood Damage Prevention Ordinance, removed from the site within 30 days. No more than two portable storage containers can be located on the same property at the same time.

– When at the place of service, portable storage containers must be “securely anchored” with customer access during normal business hours.

– On the service site, the containers must be kept in a designated area counted as lot coverage. The containers “shall not be stacked or stored vertically atop another.”

– Signage on the containers is limited to 12 square feet.

– The containers “shall be designed and/or constructed to meet the North Carolina Building Code requirements for high wind zones applicable in Dare County and certified by a North Carolina licensed engineer.”

The public may speak at this hearing.

Also on the agenda are two quasi-judicial hearings. The public may speak to these matters during public comment. The two hearings are:

A special use permit application from Tod and Angela Gaskill to allow for travel trailer sites on an existing commercial property at 53013 NC 12, Frisco. Travel trailers will take up 3.55 acres of the 4.32-acre parcel. Some 24 spaces are allocated for both year-round and transient use. The park will be located behind the Pamlico Deli. Permits for two designed septic systems have been issued. A vegetative buffer is proposed on the north, west and east boundaries. The south boundary is vegetated wetland. The Dare County fire marshal requires a hydrant within 400 feet of the furthest campsite, a 20-foot wide road with an all-weather surface.

A special use permit application from James Yax and John Kuchta for a group development to construct two, three-bedroom units at 53770 NC 12, Frisco. An existing principle dwelling is already on the property. Access will be directly from NC 12 via an existing driveway.