Letter to the Editor: Fishing for more than dinner in 2024

Published 1:51 pm Friday, March 29, 2024

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To the Editor:

Ahhhhh, the Joys of Fishing will soon be here!

This assertion is not to insult any of you heavy hitters out there who fish year round, it’s more about “fishing” returning to an area that is renown for “Fishing.” It’s interesting when you think about it; think of your younger days, if you came to the OBX and went fishing and caught fish, you remember it, possibly well, and over the years the idea of fishing begins to take on meaning, and next thing you know you’re down at TW’s trying to pick from a lure color scheme with 5 shades of every color known to man. Fishing stays with you, and it can put food on the table.

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Which brings up another not so pleasant a task associated with “fishing:” the removal of the innards, the scaling, the filleting, etc. Of course you don’t have to worry about that if you out on the charter boats. Get the fish cleaned for you. But I’m betting there’s a hard core few who clean and some even like to clean fish. It’s a bit of a lost art these days, and if you know someone who can clean a fish, and you can’t, you should learn. Man, woman, boy, girl and all variations.

But let’s step back a bit … who the heck knows what the 2024 “Fishing” year will bring to the dock and then have to be cleaned. Yeah, this was trying to be a smooth transition to “this is a year we will be, in a way, ‘fishing for a president’” (I know), and trying to select a few trustworthy political representatives. Can’t be done you say? Now there’s a bad attitude, but sometimes true, and we’ve seen several such much less than trustworthy politicians right here in good old Dare County. Whatever lure they’re using sure has a lot of people and council members being reeled in.

Who was that “masked man” who put the poison deep in all the towns’ bait wells and said the towns could not tell the state that they couldn’t connect a bunch more homes to their bilge pumps, among other unknowns? Unfortunately the fish smell follows a pretty clear path to Raleigh, and if this is the type individual and chicken-ship tactics that comes with current political genetics in Raleigh, everyone getting ready to vote should re-evaluate any decision made thus far and question who they can trust.

Do you trust when you go out for 6 hours on the “Better Have-iT” charter boat that you won’t catch a slew of mahi-mahi, and probably a bunch more fish? Do you feel as confident that the current political contenders both statewide and nationally will get you through the year and beyond without potential catastrophes?

Bad analogy, I know, but at least “I” said it, which is no longer the case now that Awful Auther’s evil twin Awful AI has been unleashed on all us snugly believing everything we hear god-fearing voters! And you can believe that I’m trying to “influence” you to take a look at whomever you’re thinking of taking the bait from because it will most likely be the most important election in US history.

I wonder how many times that’s been said over the years for our Democratic election system? Probably for every one, but if you aren’t nervous about what will happen between now and Nov., and Lord help us after, then you are either too rich to care, or living way too far off the grid.

I know many of the island’s population out here have lived through the 60s and 70s and got to see another explosive era. But the blood has been in the water chumming this pending tragedy waiting to happen for at least six years and it all seems headed towards who are the big catches of the day on November 5th.

As we move towards the 2024 election and are adding new lures to your tackle boxes or even getting the used sunscreen cans and bottles off the second shelf, try to imagine what happens as the media and events being conjured through them infect enough people to go temporarily (debatable) insane and cause harm to other individuals? Will we need armed guards like NY has deployed in the subway system at voting locations? Or will the chum thrown over the side by the hate mongers bring in even more voracious and less competent wahoos who are hell-bent on taking their seat no matter what the cost?

In both our state’s and in the presidential fishing trips many of those running make no attempt to hide their hate and want you to swallow the poison bait – hook, line and sinker. Do the state and country a favor and let those who want to divide and conquer and rule by Divine right of God Almighty sink to the bottom (of your ballot) and become food for our tasty blue crabs …

Good luck on your fishing adventures and don’t forget how to scale, gut and sniff out the freshest catch in 2024.

Russ Watkins
Southern Shores