Gig Line: So near and yet so far

Published 11:39 am Monday, April 15, 2024

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This world we live in is such a formidable wonderment … so many good people beyond our beautiful family members live in our space – our neighbors, our work associates, our social friends and we are blessed to know them, be inspired by them, and learn from them every day.

There are others, too, that blow my socks off and shock me to my inner core who stand up for things that I cannot understand; generating attitudes and opinions that are so different and void of positivity I cannot fathom it. I try to understand and besides that, I like to consider others’ thoughts, opinions and points of view, but too often these days I am perplexed.

I am an “old school” approach to life for sure. I like that we have so many advantages with research and convenience when it comes to our studies, our ability with the stroke of a computer key to find incredible information, statistics, figures and testimonies from people all over the world who often times share their thoughts, worries, outlook towards life and their hope for our future. Then, and now especially, I find myself stunned and I think to myself – how can the person I thought I knew so well think this way? Justify things that are so outlandish, so detrimental, so foreign to what we grew up believing in, supporting and mistakenly taking for granted?

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What do I reference in that last statement? Primarily the genuine American spirit that always felt solid, assured and a “given,” especially if you were born in the United States or if you struggled with little in your pocket but a big full heart and desire to come here and achieve that American dream that is within reach through hard work and determination.

How can we sit on the sidelines and watch statues that used to matter to us, that gave us pride in the subjects accomplishments … gee whiz, we have drifted so far from what we held dear to see our culture and conscience be desecrated, crumbled, pulled down to the ground like an old rotten stump? How do we support that men can enter a private space in a restroom where little girls and young ladies conduct private tasks, adjusting undergarments, using the restroom for its intended purpose? Have we lost all respect for each other? How have we allowed hundreds of thousands of individuals to storm across our border as if they are kids in a playground? How do we allow our police officers to be battered for the sport of it? How do we allow a full term baby who would be so loved and adored by those who cannot conceive to be tossed in a trash can to die? How? How do we hear the cries of parents who have lost their children due to their use of an illegal drug that is too often brought into our country? Does life – any life – matter anymore?

Wealthy people? I do not have a problem with it … good for them. Many who have come into great wealth have done impressive things with their success. Sure, many in the entertainment field act, sing, perform in a movie or play and make big bucks. Some do wonderful things with their awards and donate to very worthy causes that help people, but when you consider all of the entrepreneurs who invested in land and established businesses they grew hiring masses of people, providing jobs, opportunities and steady employment, how is that a bad thing? Money begets money. Who begrudges those who take risks to grow their dream? Sometimes those with little funds but a burning desire find a way which sometimes involves finding an investor who will believe in them and back them financially. Good grief, why knock folks with money? That’s just plain silly!

Another issue is how disheartening images of governmental figures who openly stand in protest against the very country our brave servicemembers have served and died for – for all of us. How? How can anyone so blessed take a part in that? We are the most generous, caring nation there is, always reaching out to help others in danger, distress and devastation.

Fear is a little word that has BIG FAT ramifications – and we staunch red-blooded thankful Americans have been suckered in. Dear Lord help us, I pray He has the patience. Life has never been perfect 24/7. We have all experienced broken hearts, loss of loved ones, destruction and foreclosures of our homes, suffered diminished health at times and disappointments in life. We are not exempt or subject to avoid all the facets of life, but at the same time, we have seen miracles we prayed for but were not sure would come to fruition. We have lost and regained personal and prized possessions. We have climbed out of dark places only to feel the sun on our face again and to regain the faith and hope we knew was there all along but had somehow allowed it to fade. We have witnessed transformations in people that are so inspirational it takes our breath away. We have learned that life is full of surprises, ups and downs and inside-outs, but when things settle down, we are thankful that each day brings new blessings, new challenges, new experiences that hopefully we will make the best of, grow from and use the day to bring someone else comfort, joy and friendship.

If I sound like a nag, I apologize. I do not mean to. But no matter who is responsible, who makes the “plan,” who executes them, it would be utterly laughable if it was not so sad. We are better than this. We have guts and gumption and a respect for “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” right? That was our original plan, right?

We do not have to hate people, hurt people, detest their religion, their color or their nationality. We do not have to wish them harm, their demise or their economic failures, we can refrain from promoting more dissention; we can be more fair and reasonable; we can trust that if we know what we are doing – we can be a winner when it all comes down to the final count; we do not have to squash, step on and grind in the ground then spit on someone who competes with us. If we have integrity, good intentions and bathe our challenge in prayer, I believe we will be blessed and the outcome will be good. God keeps good records. He does not miss a trick. He is all knowing, and I believe with all my heart He has “perfect knowledge, perfect understanding and perfect wisdom as to how to apply that knowledge.”

Our world is in turmoil and in my humble opinion, we need to get down to brass tacks and consider what we really believe is right, what we are for and what we are against, stand for things that are true, decent and honest and learn to love each other more than hate them. We can, you know. We can make a difference if we really want to,

I believe in this country, in the sacrifices of those who died for our protection and security. I believe we can be better than this, that our children are more worthy than they even realize; that marriage is more sacred and precious long after the vows were spoken hand in hand at the altar; that hard times can come, but they can go too with each other’s help. Nobody is perfect, but we can be effective for the good of those we love and those we do not even know.

Until next time, take care. Be healthy, safe and happy. Love ourselves first so we can love each other more. Share the load. Praise and pray for our active duty, reserve and veterans, law enforcement, paramedics, and all first responders. Look for the good in others and forgive the yucky, miserable attitudes that sometimes show up when least expected. If you are a veteran and need advice about V.A. health care, a duplicate DD-214, disability compensation, Patty O’Sullivan, Dare County veteran service officer awaits your call: office 252-475-5604, cell: 252-473-7749 and email: patricia.o’ If you would like to contact me, please do at cell/text: 252-202-2058 or email:

Each one of you mean more to me than you know. Thank you for reading Gig Line. I love you all! Stay tuned!