North Carolina State House District 6

North Carolina State House District 6 – The election contest is between Bobby Hanig, Republican, and Tess Judge, Democrat.

Bobby Hanig, Republican

Self-employed. The Pool Guy

Age: 54

Mailing Address: 102 Orchard Lane, Powells Point, NC 27966

Contact Phone: (252) 207-5479


Facebook: BH4NCHouse

Twitter: @BobbyHanig

Position/philosophy statement: I strongly believe elected officials need to be the voice of the people. I will listen to my constituents and my local elected officials.

Tess Judge, Democrat

Hospitality Management

Age 69

Mailing Address: 4016 Ivy Lane, Kitty Hawk, NC 27949

Contact Phone: (252) 216-6105


Facebook: tessjudgefornchousedistrict6

Twitter: @tessfornchouse


Position/philosophy statement: I believe the people of HD6 deserve a tireless representative who will listen, be responsive to their concerns and provide timely constituent services.

What makes you the best candidate for the office?

Hanig: I have built two businesses on the Outer Banks. I know what it takes to make it successful, and I’ve seen firsthand how government regulation and taxes can make it more difficult than it needs to be. Fortunately, my business made it but so many others don’t. Those are lost jobs, lost wages and lost opportunities. My experience will be necessary in the General Assembly as I work with other conservatives to create jobs, lower taxes and strengthen our local economy. My first job in The General assembly will be to listen and respond to the voters of this district. They are the ones who matter and they are the ones I’m asking to trust me. My second job will be to fight for our shared conservative values.

Judge: The people of Northeastern North Carolina deserve to be heard in Raleigh and I want to be your voice. I have the will, knowledge, energy and experience to work and to be an advocate for all our citizens. I believe our people are our greatest asset – you can trust me to listen and invest in you. As someone who has operated small businesses in our community for years, through good times and bad, I know how to manage a budget while also creating jobs. I will use my extensive experience with area businesses, governments, and community organizations to bring economic development and good-paying jobs to Northeastern North Carolina.

What are your top 3 legislative priorities for the next two years?

Hanig: First, to fight for tax relief and fee reductions for the people of House District 6. We have to make sure that government isn’t getting in the way of that potential for growth by lowering taxes, cutting fees, and eliminating burdensome and unwarranted regulations. Second, I believe legislators must do more to identify and eliminate wasteful spending and inefficiency in government. Look at way economic development is handled in the Outer Banks area. Fix inefficient and unresponsive government.

Judge Investing in infrastructure and promoting small businesses will result in more economic opportunities for the people of Northeastern North Carolina. We must ensure that our investments in education result in more opportunities for our students and a workforce trained for the jobs of the future. We must expand medical services in our rural communities and improve our health outcomes. It is crucial that we provide more access to health care especially mental health treatment options for patients

How would you rate the quality of public education in NC currently?

Hanig: Average

Judge: Above average

If you rate it less than excellent, what proposals would you support to improve it?

Hanig: Anytime we talk about schools and public education, the conversation always returns to money. How much teachers are paid, how state spending stacks up, etc. While Chair of the Currituck Board of Commissioners we focused on the money too, but we had different questions. We wanted to know where it was going just like any government agency or institution, our school system was wasteful and spending too much with little transparency. I’ll always participate in conversations about the need for more funding. But first, let’s make sure we’re making the best use of the funding we have.

Judge: Our rural school districts in areas with funding challenges are not making the same gains as the rest of the state because they don’t have the resources they need. Teachers in rural school districts are self-funding their classrooms. To ensure opportunity for success now and in the future, we must provide the resources necessary for our students, teachers, schools and community colleges to reach their potential. I will advocate for developing partnerships between community colleges and small businesses, medical technology and other industries so that workforce training programs better fit the needs for skilled labor today and in the future.

What accountability should be required of private schools receiving public funding?

Hanig: Educational choice is important to me, and parents should have the freedom to decide which path is best for their child. Just like public schools, accountability should be focused on ensuring the best education for students and meet their needs.

Judge: The same accountability that is required of public schools should be required of private schools receiving public funding.

What do you propose to enhance job creation in NC?

Bobby Hanig As a business owner who has built a successful business in North Carolina and employed countless people, I know what it takes to create jobs in our state. It takes lower taxes, a focus on reducing burdensome regulations, and a commitment to allowing businesses to do what they do best. Republican-led tax reform has rejuvenated economic growth and job creation in our state. We must constantly look for ways to cut taxes, eliminate regulations, and get government out of the way.

Tess Judge Northeastern North Carolina is blessed to have several community colleges that have programs for the building trades, boat building, marine technology and other high-skilled jobs. We need to expand the programs that are available for students to get trained for the jobs of today and the jobs of the future. I will advocate for developing partnerships between community colleges and small businesses, medical technology and other industries so that workforce training programs better fit their needs.

How do you rate the environmental quality of NC’s air, water, and land?

Hanig: Above average

Judge: Above average

If your rating was less than excellent, what policies would you support to improve them?

Hanig: North Carolina, especially the Outer Banks, is blessed with an abundance of natural resources, vibrant wildlife, and some of the best scenery in America. We have a responsibility to protect that, and this responsibility isn’t a political issue. As a County Commissioner, I joined my colleagues in opposing offshore drilling in Currituck County. There are two things that no one Republican or Democrat, wants – the degradation of our economy or our environment. These two things do not have to be at odds. As long as our elected officials put the well-being of North Carolina’s working families first, then we can protect and improve both.

Judge: In Northeastern North Carolina our natural resources are exceptional and unique. It is critical that we work to maintain and enhance our natural resources utilizing smart growth and development. I will work to ensure that our ocean, estuaries and coastlines are protected from offshore drilling and use smart and balanced regulations that provide for the protection of our natural resources – our air, water and land. It is important to me that I work hard to protect our natural resources because our economy – both in our District and our State – is so critically dependent on farming, fishing and tourism.

What is the best way to handle the redistricting process in 2021 and why.

Hanig: The best way to handle redistricting in 2021 and beyond is to remove politics from the equation. North Carolina should explore implementing an independent redistricting commission in 2021 so that politics does not play such a large role.

Judge: I support an independent redistricting process that allows voters to choose their representatives rather than elected officials getting to choose their voters.

How do you rate NC’s public works and cyber infrastructure?

Hanig: Excellent

Judge: Average

If you rated it less than excellent, what policies would you support to improve it? How would you fund them?  

Hanig: Candidate has not yet responded.

Judge: I strongly believe that investments in infrastructure in rural Northeastern North Carolina have lagged behind the rest of the State particularly the urban areas. We need to expand high-speed broadband internet access in rural Northeastern North Carolina utilizing public/private partnerships offering incentives to companies to invest in our area. It is vital to our economy that our bridges, roads, inlets and waterways are maintained.

How do we protect the integrity of our elections in NC?

Hanig: Election integrity and the potential for voter fraud are very serious issues. State government absolutely has a responsibility to put measures in place that detect and prevent election fraud. One of the most common-sense ways to do so is by strengthening Voter ID laws. In 2018, it’s virtually impossible to go through every-day life without a valid photo ID, and one should absolutely be required to vote in NC elections. Voter ID is not only common-sense; it’s effective.

Judge: Our elections must be fair, open and beyond reproach. We need the best technology available to protect the integrity of our voting system from any unlawful interference. I support robust efforts to ensure that every citizen who wants to vote can vote. As a member of the League of Women Voters I support the important work of the organization that provides candidate forums to inform voters.


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