KDH looks at potential historic landmarks

Published 3:15 pm Wednesday, February 21, 2018

With Kill Devil Hills Historic Landmarks Commission chair Jerry Farless absent from the February 14 meeting, commission member Sandie Markland opened the morning session with a brief discussion on selecting a vice chair for the group.

With Farless and newest member Christopher Stoessner both unable to attend, Markland, along with members Toni Dorn and Mary Simpson, decided it best to wait until the March meeting to select a vice chair.

That left the only other item for discussion was a list of houses on the 1028 potential property list.

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“It looks like we have a pretty consistent list of houses for consideration,” said senior planner Cameron Ray. “We designated two houses last year and I have a list of several houses to look at as a starter.”

Ray suggested an informal look and discussion with the door open to add others throughout the year.

“Let’s take a stroll through the list,” offered Markland.

Included on the list are:

– 805 North Virginia Dare Trail, built in 1938 near the Monument.

– 3305 Briggs Street, a 1955 Beach Box on the north side of town.

– 210 East Palmetto, an old Flat Top.

– 601 West Durham Street, Flat Top home.

– 1507 Dogwood Lane, built in 1940 and moved from the ocean front.

– 1411 South Virginia Dare Trail, built in 1930.

– 2041 North Virginia Dare Trail, oceanfront home built in 1940.

– 2804 North Virginia Dare Trail, Built in 1960.

– 2305 North Virginia Dare Trail, ocean front home built in 1965.

– 106 East First Street, built in 1958.

– 2025 New Bern Street, built in 1960.

– 104 Charlotte, east Avalon Flat Top built in 1960

– 2033 Norfolk Street.

– 124 East Sportsman Drive, close to Avalon Pier.

– 500 West Avalon Street, Flat Top home.

– 1233 South Virginia Dare Trail

– 1503 South Virginia Dare Trail, Flat Top built in 1954 near the ocean

Following the review Markland commented that there are quite a few Flat Tops in the Avalon area.

There was also discussion on a structure at 1225 South Virginia Dare Trail. According to planning director Meredith Guns the Wight Brothers were said to have stayed there, but the owners closed in part of it and added vinyl siding. Enough changes to dampen commission interest.

There was also a discussion on an owner’s agreement for program designation.

“The statute allows us to designate without owner agreement,” said Guns. “We have always followed the owners preference, but the statute allows designations with out owner agreement.”

Guns went on to say in addition to bad PR, without owner agreement the Commission would need a very strong supporting history in the event anyone challenged the designation.

Following the review and related discussion, commission members agreed to have town staff send out letters to property owners in an attempt to generate interest in being part of the Historic Landmarks program.

The Kill Devil Hills Historic Landmarks Commission was established in 2004. Historic designation for local landmarks includes extensive property research, owner notification, public hearings and approval by the State Historic Preservation Office and the Board of Commissioners. Although not required, the commission only designates structures where owners are willing participants. To date more than 30 Local Historic Landmarks have been designated. 

While participation in the town’s Historic Landmarks program is voluntary for those that meet statutory guidelines, there is a financial tax incentive for owners that do participate.

Anyone interested in more information about the Historic Landmarks Commission, or participating in the designation process, should contact the  Kill Devil Hills Planning Department 252-449-5318.