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Spring track season has begun

First Flight and Currituck High Schools opened the spring track season Wednesday competing in an eight-team meet at Pasquotank High School.

Scoring fairly evenly in the sprints, distance, hurdles and jumps, Currituck boys finished second behind Northeastern while First Flight boys dominated the distance sweeping the first three 1,600 Meter Run places to finish two points back in third.

In girls competition, Currituck girls picked up most of their most in the distance events with enough points elsewhere to win the meet. First Flight girls scored well enough in the sprints, distance and jumping events to finish second overall.

Individual event double winners included First Flight’s Katie Gunzenhauser in the Girls 3,200 Meter Run and Girls 1,600 Meter Run. Zach Hughes also picked up two first place wins for the Nighthawks with a first in the Boys 3,200 Meter Run and Boys 400 Meter Dash

Other first place finishers for First Flight include Alex Rodman in the Girls 400 Meter Dash, Heidi Sabatini in the Girls High Jump, and Max Bowlin in the Boys 1,600 Meter Run.

Individual first place finishers for Currituck include Amberine Brown in the Girls 100 Meter Dash, Ryan Camden in the Boys 800 Meter Run, Sarah Dover in the Girls 800 Meter Run, Leilani Lopez in the Girls Triple Jump, and Jalen Owens in the Boys Shot Put.

First Flight also picked up two relay wins by taking the 4×800 Meter Relay in both boys and girls competition, Currituck had one relay win with the Girls 4×100 Meter Relay event.

In other area sports action Manteo defeated First Flight 14-4 in softball, 7-4 in JV baseball action and the varsity baseball game ended with the Redskins ahead of the Nighthawks 6-1.

On Thursday, March 8, Manteo women’s varsity soccer team fell to Camden with no score reported and the Manteo varsity softball team lost an away non-conference game against Greenbrier Christian Academy in Chesapeake, Va. by a score of 10-0.

Closer to home, First Flight won a non-conference boys varsity tennis over a visiting Manteo team by a score of 7-2.

Earlier in the week, several March 6 events were canceled including JV softball game between Manteo and Albemarle School.

On the horizon, the Manteo varsity tennis team has a 4 p.m. non-conference match with Currituck County at Barco on Monday, March 12. The First Flight track team will also be at Currituck on Wednesday, March 14 for a 4 p.m. meet.

Results from area athletes from the March 7 track and field meet at Pasquotank County H.S. in Elizabeth City include:

HS Boys Team Scores (16 Events Scored)

1 Northeastern 152.67

2 Currituck County 106.5

3 First Flight 104.5

4 Bertie 71

5 Gates County 69.33

6 Pasquotank County 41

7 John A. Holmes 33

8 Perquimans County 10

HS Girls Team Scores (16 Events Scored)

1 Currituck County 148.5

2 First Flight 94

3 Northeastern 89

4 Bertie 70.5

5 Gates County 64.5

6 John A. Holmes 32.5

7 Pasquotank County 30

8 Perquimans County 26

BOYS 1,600 METER RUN: 1 Max Bowlin (First Flight) 5:29.0; 2 Logan Haas (First Flight) 5:33.7; 3 Sean Stultz (First Flight) 5:38.2; 7 Gabriel Hanke (Currituck) 6:00.0

BOYS 3,200 METER RUN: 1 Zach Hughes (First Flight) 10:34.5; 2 Max Bowlin (First Flight) 10:50.2; 3 Caleb Price (Currituck) 12:05.4; 4 Logan Haas (First Flight) 12:48.2

BOYS 800 METER RUN:  1 Ryan Camden (Currituck) 2:10.7; 2 Joseph Davidson (First Flight) 2:11.0; 4 Sean Stultz (First Flight) 2:23.0; 7 Laiten Gibson (Currituck) 2:28.3

BOYS 110 METER HURDLES:  3 Cole Cardenas (Currituck) 18.8

BOYS 300 METER HURDLES:  3 Shane Farr (Currituck) 49.2; 4 Michael Johnson (Currituck) 52.1;  5 Patrick Stuart (Currituck) 52.3.

BOYS HIGH JUMP:  5 Jayden Greene (Currituck) 5-06; 8 Cameron Graham (Currituck) 5-02.

BOYS LONG JUMP:  5 Ricky Owens (Currituck) 17-08.00; 6 Caleb Price (Currituck) 17-07.00;  9 Devin Whiteman (Currituck) 17-01.00.

BOYS TRIPLE JUMP:  3 Caleb Price (Currituck) 36-07.00; 4 Ricky Owens (Currituck) 35-06.00;  5 Dustin Bumgardner (Currituck) 33-04.00.

BOYS 4X100 METER RELAY: 5 First Flight A (Ethan Driver, Chase Jamieson, Henry Stecher, Cole Tomlin) 48.5

BOYS 4×800 METER RELAY: 1 First Flight A (Max Bowlin, Joseph Davidson, Zach Hughes, Skylar Stultz) 9:24.0;  2 Currituck) A 10:07.0.

BOYS 100 METER DASH: 3 Michael Culpepper (Currituck) 11.8; 5 Ethan Driver (First Flight) 11.9;  8 Cole Tomlin (First Flight) 12.1;  9 Lucas Bailey (Currituck) 12.3.

BOYS 200 METER DASH: 2 Cole Tomlin (First Flight) 24.2; 4 Joseph Amburgey (Currituck) 24.3.

BOYS 400 METER DASH: 1 Zach Hughes (First Flight) 52.5; 2 Joseph Amburgey (Currituck) 54.7;  6 Henry Stecher (First Flight) 58.6;  8 CJ Pippin (Currituck) 59.5

BOYS DISCUS:  3 Caleb Drysdale (First Flight) 105-03; 8 James LaCroix (First Flight) 89-07; 10 Collin Jennings (Currituck) 73-04.

BOYS SHOT PUT: 1 Jalen Owens (Currituck) 42-06.00; 10 Caleb Drysdale (First Flight) 35-02.00.

GIRLS 1,600 METER RUN:  1 Katie Gunzenhauser (First Flight) 6:35.3; 2 Jessica Anderson (Currituck) 6:36.1;  4 Sydney MacDonald (Currituck) 7:44.3;  5 Kylie Semones (Currituck) 8:00.0.

GIRLS 3,200 METER RUN: 1 Katie Gunzenhauser (First Flight) 14:02.0; 2 Hailee Reinke (Currituck) 14:22.0.

GIRLS 800 METER RUN:  1 Sarah Dover (Currituck) 2:40.3; 2 Abigail Wooten (Currituck) 3:07.0.

GIRLS 100METER HURDLES: 3 Lita Kihnley (Currituck) 20.1.

GIRLS 300METER HURDLES: 4 Maddy Wagner (First Flight) 1:06.3.

GIRLS HIGH JUMP: 1 Heidi Sabatini (First Flight) 4-10; 2 Jill O’Dell (First Flight) 4-08.

GIRLS LONG JUMP: 2 Heidi Sabatini (First Flight) 14-06.00;  4 Leilani Lopez (Currituck) 13-07.50;  6 Maddy Wagner (First Flight) 12-06.00;  7 Kenzie Faytik (Currituck) 12-04.00.

GIRLS TRIPLE JUMP:  1 Leilani Lopez (Currituck) 28-09.00;  2 Heidi Sabatini (First Flight) 27-07.00;  3 Sarah Dorow (Currituck) 25-05.00;  4 Kenzie Faytik (Currituck) 25-00.00.

GIRLS 4×100 METER RELAY:  1 Currituck) A 53.2;  8 First Flight A (Danielle Davalos, Jillian Hix, Jill O’Dell, Kate Kelly) 59.5.

GIRLS 4×800 METER RELAY: 1 First Flight A (Katie Gunzenhauser, Jill O’Dell, Alex Rodman, Maddy Wagner) 11:53.0;  2 Currituck) A 12:04.0.

GIRLS 100 METER DASH: 1 Amberine Brown (Currituck) 12.5;  3 Lanaya Evans (Currituck) 13.2;  4 Jazymn Bailey (Currituck) 13.3;  17 Ingris Jimenez (First Flight) 16.5.

GIRLS 200 METER DASH: 5 Trinity Evans (Currituck) 29.2; 12 Courtney Newton (Currituck) 33.6.

GIRLS 400 METER DASH: 1 Alex Rodman (First Flight) 1:01.5;  3 Jill O’Dell (First Flight) 1:07.3;  6 Brooke Martin (Currituck) 1:23.7.

GIRLS DISCUS:  2 Destiny Ferebee (Currituck) 94-04;  4 Jaylin Frank (Currituck) 74-07;  5 Lita Kihnley (Currituck) 72-08;  6 Heidi Sabatini (First Flight) 69-00.

GIRLS SHOT PUT:  4 Destiny Ferebee (Currituck) 25-05.00;  5 Jaylin Frank (Currituck) 25-01.00; 11 Gabryello Murillo (First Flight) 20-05.00.


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