Homecoming at Cape Hatteras Secondary

Published 2:56 am Thursday, December 20, 2018

At the end of the first week in December, Cape Hatteras Secondary School celebrated homecoming.

On Thursday, all music students at the school performed in a terrific winter concert under the direction of Sean McCroskey. Students in grades six through 12 performed multiple music selections in various band combinations.

On Friday, Cape Hatteras entertained Manteo High’s basketball teams. After the games, members of the Cape Hatteras Secondary’s Student Government Association presented the homecoming court.

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Introduced at the 2018 homecoming court by class are:

Freshmen: Yoselyn Gabriel and Teddy Harmon

Sophomores: Jorah Midgette and Chaz MacKenzie, Eliza Quidley and Charlie Conner.

Juniors: Alex Ortega and Lexus Meekins, Christian Rivera and Sophie Waterfield.

Seniors: Cody McDowell and Claudia Caldwell, Trafton Reynolds and Finni Harmon, Jeffrey Wescoat and Jillian Webster, Chase Siler and Maya Damitio.

Elected homecoming royalty are:

Duke and Duchess: Trafton Reynolds and Yoselyn Gabriel

Prince and Princess: Chase Silver and Lexus Meekins

King and Queen: Teddy Harmon and Jillian Webster.


Manteo takes two at Cape Hatteras