Letter to the Editor: In response to Oregon Inlet Fishing Center, Inc. President Captain Kenneth Brown

Published 2:33 am Thursday, December 20, 2018

Thanks to Kenny for the explicit explanation of the recent change from Oregon Inlet Fishing Center, Inc. to Oregon Inlet Marina, effective December 31, 2018.

Having worked for the National Park Service, Cape Hatteras National Seashore from 1962-1995, I had the opportunity to work with the original stockholders at the Fishing Center for approximately 20 years of that time. As Concession Specialist, I held meetings with them at the Park several times a year, met with them at their Board Meetings, did regular inspections at the marina, which included the buildings, marina docks, merchandise and health inspections when the restaurant was open. Annually, we went over the contract and reviewed all requirements to be met by the stockholders and those by the Park Service. After visiting several similar marinas up and down the east coast to obtain comparable rates, their rates were approved accordingly.

I want to commend these stockholders for a job well done throughout my years of working with them. They were always ready to fix any problems found during inspections and were willing to cooperate in any way required. I regretted so much that I was not able to help them with renewal of their contract prior to retiring, but it appeared even in 1995, there were some federal people who wanted to make a change in the way the contract was awarded. Because of this, the stockholders were sort of left on their own with no contract and very little Park direct supervision. I know this because I was called several times for advice. Now, some 20+ years later, they find themselves on the outside of managing a business they started and operated for years for visitors to enjoy while visiting the Seashore and other areas of Dare County. Under new management you can still provide the many experiences you shared in the past.

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This is a great time to honor all those stockholders who are no longer with us by moving on, still doing the exceptional job you have always done and giving each person boarding your boat the best experience ever.

Peggy Snead – Retired Concession Specialist

Cape Hatteras National Seashore, Manteo

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