Cooper: Ruling voiding voter ID amendment has ‘sound basis’

Published 7:39 am Thursday, March 7, 2019

RALEIGH (AP) — Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper says a trial judge’s ruling striking down North Carolina’s new constitutional amendment mandating photo identification to vote “has a sound basis” in the law but ultimately will be resolved by higher courts.

Cooper told reporters Tuesday that Wake County Superior Court Judge Bryan Collins wrote a “well-reasoned opinion” recently that voided a pair of amendments approved by voters in November.

Collins agreed with the state NAACP that two amendments had been put on the ballot last year by a General Assembly that had been “illegal constituted” because of racial bias in House and Senate districts.

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Republican legislative leaders are appealing Collins’ order and seeking to have its enforcement delayed. The ruling brings uncertainty to whether a December law implementing the voter ID amendment ultimately will stand.



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