Racial slurs lead to students’ suspensions at First Flight High School

Published 7:09 pm Friday, March 29, 2019

Racial slurs scrawled across lockers at First Flight High School have led to student suspensions and possible criminal charges. Racial slurs, a threat and a 9/11 conspiracy theory were found written scrawled across lockers in the school on Tuesday.

Pictures of the slurs began showing up on social media soon after the incident. A family member of one multiracial student said he and others have been subjected to the ugly face of racism on a daily basis. She added, “this isn’t the first incident.”

The Dare County School administration responded with a written statement by Superintendent John Farrelly that read, in part, “The content contained vulgar, hateful, and racist language. This is in direct violation of the core values of Dare County Schools, and we denounce this kind of behavior under all circumstances. Any student, or students, that are found responsible for this incident will be disciplined to the fullest extent in accordance with the Dare County Schools Code of Student Conduct.”

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Ben Sproul, who represents District 2 on the Dare County Board of Education, called the incident outrageous and unfortunate. Sproul said this type of incident is “so rare here.” He hoped it would lead to a learning experience for all involved.

A Dare County Schools administration spokesperson confirmed on Friday that students believed to be responsible for the slurs written on the lockers have been identified. Those students have been suspended. The Dare County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the incident and the students involved could also face criminal charges.



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