KDH Community Appearance Committee adopts nominees for Appearance Awards

Published 11:15 am Sunday, October 6, 2019

The Community Appearance Commission of Kill Devil Hills met on Sept. 26 to vote on nominees for the upcoming Community Appearance Awards. They committee members also discussed which October events to attend and promote their “Help KDH Kick Butt” campaign.

CAC members voted on three individual categories for the Appearance Awards: Best Overall Appearance, Most Improved and Best Multi-Business Appearance. Melinda Mogowski described the criteria that must be met by the nominees. The buildings nominated are only judged on exterior appearance, including but not limited to: architecture, harmony with surroundings, landscape, general maintenance and cleanliness and offsite appearance.

After all nominees were listed, the members narrowed down the list of finalists to five each per category. Commissioner John Windley made a motion to adopt the final nominees with a second from Dave Rollins. The motion was unanimously approved. Scoring will take place over the course of the next month and winners will be announced at the Nov. 7 meeting.

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The “Kick Butt” Subcommittee has had success with running their campaign at local KDH events. The idea behind the campaign is to promote a clean environment by disposing of plastic-containing cigarette butts that are not biodegradable. Small cigarette containers are given out to those that have family members or friends that are smokers.

Members of the committee decided to attend two upcoming October events. Bob Schiffer and Mogowski will be at the KDH fire station open house on Oct. 8. Windley and Schiffer committed to running the “Kick Butt” table at the Halloween Parade on Oct. 27.

Windley made a motion to “request that staff investigate the price of 1000 more units” for future events. With a second from Schiffer, the motion was approved. Chair Sue Kelly then made a motion to complete an inventory and do a cost-analysis on the units for purchase. Vice-chair Natalie Painter seconded the motion and all members approved.

The Plastic Bag Campaign was also discussed. The members came to a conclusion that the name should be changed to the “Bag Smarter Campaign” in order to lessen confusion about what the campaign promotes. Windley requested a price for new “bag smarter” stickers, courtesy of Rollins. The motion to request staff to price 1000, 1500 or 2000 stickers, made by Windley, was seconded by Schiffer and approved.

Tree preservation was on the agenda for discussion. The committee decided enforcement for the preservation of trees within the town is not viable. Rollins suggested the committee changes their approach to an awareness campaign rather than attempting to bring it to an ordinance. KDH is the only town in Dare County without a tree ordinance.

Mogowski said “the time is right” for tree preservation, especially due what is happening in places such as the Amazon. Schiffer recommended the town set aside a day dedicated to tree preservation to heighten awareness. Members decided a day in April, near Arbor Day, to set aside time for the town to come together and plant new trees. Windley made a motion “to request staff to draft a proclamation for a celebration of the live oak tree” around Arbor Day in April and establish the live oak as the official town tree. Rollins seconded the motion and it was approved unanimously by the board.

All members of the board were present except Bambos Charalambous.



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