First Flight Elementary School students get dance lesson

Published 2:42 pm Tuesday, January 14, 2020

The Outer Banks Shag Club came to Shea LaFountaine and Chavaleh Nophsker’s fourth grade classes at First Flight Elementary School in the fall to teach the state dance, the Carolina shag.

Club president Al Douglass accepted the invitation to teach the students with enthusiasm, saying, “Our stated purpose as a club is to promote the Carolina shag dance!”

Douglass, his wife Carole, Jeff and Sandy Albarty, all members of the club, demonstrated the basic steps of the dance and taught the fourth graders about its history and music. Students got to try out the dance with a partner and then watched a clip of students their own age dancing in a shag competition.

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Nophsker noted, “Our students’ respect and appreciation for the time the club members spent with us really struck me. They loved hearing stories and experiences from another generation!” Talia Alexander, a fourth grader in LaFountaine’s room, commented, “It was a good experience! I even went home and taught my mom.”



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