Election results in for Dare County

Published 8:29 am Thursday, November 5, 2020

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On all contested races save one, Republicans carried the countywide vote in Dare.

The candidate totals represent Nov. 3 Election Day voting, absentee early voting and absentee mail-in ballots. Voter turnout in the county was a reported 80.06%, representing 24,119 voters out of 30,128 registered. The vote totals are as of 11:20 p.m., Nov. 3, 2020.

Dare County Contests

For the Dare County Board of Commissioners, current Chairman of the Board Robert L. (Bob) Woodard, Republican, handily defeated Amanda Hooper Walters, a Democrat. Woodard pulled 13,765 votes or 60.29%. Walters won 9,065 vote or 39.71%.

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Current Republican commissioner Steve House defeated Kathy McCullough-Testa. House garnered 13,483 vote or 59.63%. McCullough-Testa received 9,129 votes or 40.37%.

Two incumbent commissioners had uncontested races. Current board Vice-Chairman Wally Overman, a Republican, polled 15,898 votes and Danny Couch, a Democrat, attracted 12,942 votes.

For the Dare Board of Education, Republicans won all contested elections.

David Twiddy, a Republican, received the highest vote total in all contested Dare races with 14,070 votes or 62.22%. He defeated Democrat Charles Parker, who posted 8,545 votes. Twiddy keeps the at-large seat.

Republican Carl Woody II defeated current Board of Education Chair Bea Basnight. Woody polled 11,836 votes or 51.93%; Basnight pulled in 10,956 votes. Woody, when he is sworn in, will represent District 1.

For the open seat in District 2, Republican Susan Bothwell defeated Jen Alexander. Bothwell received 12,532 votes or 55.58%, while Alexander won 9,974 votes.

For the District 4 seat, Republican Mary Ellon Balance was not challenged. She won 15,891 votes.

The composition of the new board is six Republicans and one Democrat.

The only non-partisan election on the ballot was for supervisor on the Dare Soil and Water Conservation District. Three people were running in the election. Ricki Shepherd, the only Democrat, won with 6,558 votes or 40.86 percent. Republicans Barry B. Sims garnered 5,833 votes or 36.35% and Jack Baughman won 3,211. Write-in votes totaled 446 votes.

Federal and state contest results in Dare voting

President: Donald J. Trump pulled in 13,844 votes or 57.56%. Joseph R. Biden received 9,855 votes or 40.98% in Dare County voting.

U.S. Senate: Thom Tillis hauled in 13,485 votes or 57%. Democrat Cal Cunningham gathered 9,218; Shannon W. Bray, a Libertarian, won 753; and Kevin E. Hayes grabbed 202.

U.S. House of Representatives for NC District 3: Republican Greg Murphy drew 13,824 votes or 59.81% of the votes cast. He defeated Daryl Farrow, who received 9,291 votes.

North Carolina Governor: Current Lt. Governor Dan Forest won Dare County. Forest received 13,060 votes in the county, while current Democratic Governor Roy Cooper polled 10,402 or 43.63% of the votes. Statewide, Cooper won.

In statewide races for Council of State, Dare voters consistently gave Republican candidates over 13,000 votes with percentage ranging from 59.06% up to 60.59% of the votes cast.

For the North Carolina Senate seat representing Dare County, Bob Steinburg carried Dare County with 12,492 votes or 53.81% defeating Dare County resident Tess Judge, who pulled 10,722 votes. Steinburg won the re-election.

For the North Carolina House representative, Republican Bobby Hanig was re-elected to represent Dare, Currituck, Hyde and Pamlico counties. Dare County gave Hanig 13,367 votes to Democrat Tommy Fulcher’s 9,391 votes.

Two district court judges, both Dare County residents, were unopposed for re-election. Republican judge Edgar Barnes received 15,826. Democrat Amber Davis Malarney polled 13,036 votes.



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