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ESA holds regional surfing competition at Jennette’s Pier

The Eastern Surfing Association (ESA), the largest amateur surfing association in the world, held the Mid-Atlantic Regional Surfing Championships at Jennette’s Pier in Nags Head on April 30-May 2.

ESA is divided into three regions across twenty-four districts. The Mid-Atlantic Region brings competitors from Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina. According to the ESA website, “Our family-oriented programs promote a healthy and active lifestyle. It is not uncommon to find two or three generations of the same family involved as members.”

Surfers in youth and adult divisions earned points in district competitions to increase their chances at receiving a slot at regionals.

Winners named are as follows:

Jr. Men U18  – 1. Owen Carter, Southern North Carolina (SNC); 2. Kendrick Remahl, SNC; 3. William Forrest, Outer Banks North Carolina (OBNC); 4. Ross Adams, SNC.

Jr. Women U18 – 1. Camden Hoover, Virginia (VA); 2. Callie Hertz, SNC; 3. Chloe Weinert, OBNC; 4. Ashton Loring, Southern South Carolina (SSC).

Boys U16 – 1. Fletcher Whittle, SNC; 2. Owen Carter, SNC; 3. Miles McCall, OBNC; 4. Mako Musilunas, Northern South Carolina (NSC).

Girls U16 – 1. Sunny Barton, VA; 2. Camden Hoover, VA; 3. Chloe Wienert, OBNC; 4. Krista Grace Hammel, NSC.

Boys U14 – 1. Fletcher Whittle, SNC; 2. Mako Musilunas, NSC; 3. Cose Stoyanoff, VA; 4. Finn Viorel, SNC; 5. Palladin Pelliccia, NSC; 6. Dane Costa, VA.

Girls U14 – 1. Whitney Gwisc, SSC; 2. Story Martinez, VA; 3. Skylar Steinmetz, SNC; 4. Rylie Smith, SSC; 5. Bella Faircloth, SNC; 6. Madeline Marie Plonk, Central North Carolina (CNC).

Boys U12 – 1. Taylor Meekins, OBNC; 2. Christian Castiglione, SNC; 3. Cash Souter, OBNC; 4. Wilson Carlisle, SNC; 5. Smith Gibson, NSC; 6. Asher Jetty Craft, VA.

Girls U12 – 1. Whitney Gwisc, SSC; 2. Campbell Vaughan, VA; 3. Rylie Smith, SSC; 4. Skylar Steinmetz, SNC; 5. Story Martinez, VA; 6. Libby Kate Hammel, NSC.

Open Bodyboard – 1. Kai Nau, SNC; 2. Mako Musilunas, NSC.

Open SUP – 1. Dane Howard, SNC; 2. Kelly Hurdle, CNC; 3. Carter Baum, VA.

Open Longboard – 1. Kai Nau, SNC; 2. Shawn Clark, NSC; 3. Craig Newkirk, SNC; 4. Douglas Evans, SNC.

Women’s Longboard – 1. Kat Neff, SNC; 2. Samantha Newkirk, SNC.

Ladies Longboard – 1. Jasa Ellis, CNC; 2. Vivian Jordan, NSC.

Men’s Longboard – 1. Hartley DePass, SSC; 2. David Johnson, VA; 3. Douglas Evans, SNC; 4. Ben Mullis, SNC.

Legends Longboard – 1. Shaun Seufert, SNC; 2. Perry Creef, OBNC; 3. Craig Newkirk, SNC; 4. Joe Gillen, OBNC; 5. Bryce Francis, SNC; 6. Brad Bailey, SNC.

Grand Legends Longboard – 1. Bill Curry, SNC; 2. Wilton Jordan, NSC; 3. Ray Harris, SNC; 4. Tim Nixon, CNC; 5. Bruce Willis, CNC; 6. Wes Whitt, CNC.

Jr. Men Longboard – 1. Noah Harrell, SNC; 2. Dakota Cottle, CNC; 3. Colton Ellis, CNC; 4. Kai Nau, SNC; 5. Carter Baum, VA; 6. Dorian Costa, VA.

Jr. Women Longboard – 1. Camden Hoover, VA; 2. Callie Hertz, SNC; 3. Ashton Loring, SSC; 4. Ellla Bethard, SSC; 5. Emerson Shuttleworth, SNC; 6. Cheney Crowe, SSC.

Menehune Longboard – 1. Fletcher Whittle, SNC; 2. Palladin Pelliccia, NSC; 3. Mako Musilunas, NSC; 4. Wilson Carlisle, SNC; 5. Eli Robinson, VA; 6. Sterling Stewart, NSC.

Open Shortboard – 1. Owen Carter, SNC; 2. Noah Harrell, SNC; 3. Kendrick Remahl, SNC; 4. Shawn Clark, NSC.

Mens – 1. Ciaran O’Cleirigh, CNC; 2. Hartley DePass, SSC; 3. Chase Koch, NSC; 4. Michael Sarmiento, CNC.

Sr. Mens – 1. Tyler Volpe, VA; 2. Jerry Ennet, CNC; 3. Shawn Clark, NSC; 4. Michael Brooks, VA; 5. Robert Poitras, OBNC; 6. Dalla Stiver, NSC.

Masters – 1. Ben Mullis; 2. Rob Cordero; 3. Keith Miller.

Legends – 1. Shaun Seufert, SNC; 2. Joe Gillen, OBNC; 3. Bryce Francis, OBNC; 4. Craig Newkirk, SNC; 5. Perry Creef, OBNC; 6. Brad Bailey, SNC.

Grand Legends – 1. Tim Nixon, CNC; 2. Wilton Jordan; 3. Bill Curry; 4. Jay Hawekolte; T5. Harry Purkey; T5. Billy Barwick.

“Easterns: The Best of the East” will be held in September at Jennette’s Pier in Nags Head.



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