Revised personnel policy for Dare County adopted

Published 9:31 am Monday, May 29, 2023

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The Dare County Personnel Manual of Feb. 1, 2016 has been reviewed by the Human Resources director, staff and the county manager and changes to various articles were made.

Dare’s Board of Commissioners was asked to approve the redrafted manual and adopt a resolution that states “that the following policies and procedures shall govern the recruitment, selection, appointment, classification, salary, promotion, discipline and dismissal, grievance rights, and all other conditions of employment of the employees of Dare County.”

The initial review and revisions took a year to complete.

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The commissioners adopted the revised manual and resolution on a unanimous 5-0 vote. The resolution is dated May 17, 2023.

This listing of the changes to Human Resources Personnel Manual as presented in the May 17, 2023 agenda for the Dare County Board of Commissioners meeting was prepared by county staff.

Article 1 – Organization of Human Resources System: Definitions were condensed and updated.

Article 2 – Equal Employment Opportunity Statement/Merit Principle: Equal Employment Opportunity statement was added. Merit principle was updated.

Article 3 – Conditions of Employment: Social media summary was added. IT policy was updated. Dress code was added. Smoke free workplace statement was added.

Article 4 – Recruitment/Selection/Promotion: Applicant process was updated to current practice.

Article 5 – Classification Plan: Updated to current practice.

Article 6 – Salary Plan/Salary Administration: Updated to current practice to include electronic timekeeping. Updated performance appraisal to include online process and eliminated six-month evaluation due to it overlapping with the yearly evaluation. New flexible work schedule and teleworking policy was added.

Article 7 – Holidays, Leave and Adverse Weather: Leave time calculator was made clear in policy. New administrative leave policy was added. New holiday policy was added. Vacation leave changes were updated. Personal leave time was added. Return to work policy was added. Leave time for parental involvement was changed. Shared leave – donors must maintain two weeks balance before able to donate. New hires may transfer in up to three weeks of vacation time, which will not be paid out if employee leaves Dare County employment.

Article 8 – Employee Benefits: New to Human Resources Manual – benefits were added. Retiree health for disability retirement. Added new retirement clause for 30 years of service

Article 9 – Substance Abuse/Drug Testing: Add to manual – current practice.

Article 10 – Disciplinary Action/Dismissal: Policy revised – much more detail. Requires department to talk to employees. Requires formal documentation on written warnings and terminations,

Article 11 – Grievance Procedure/Complaint process for allegations of discrimination, harassment or retaliation: Policy revision with step one to Human Resources director and step two to county manager. Discrimination, harassment, retaliation complaint procedure was added and lists the steps to file a complaint. Whistle blower policy was added.

Article 12 – Separation from county employment and re-employment: Revised to current practices.

Article 13 – Personnel records: State statute.

Article 14 – Implementation of Resolution: Approval date needs to be added to manual.