The Cottage Shop celebrates fifth consecutive year of helping sea turtles

Published 3:05 pm Monday, April 29, 2024

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The Cottage Shop has announced the continuation of its “Skip-the-Bag” initiative, marking the fifth year in a row of reducing single-use waste and supporting sea turtle care and rehabilitation efforts at the North Carolina Aquarium on Roanoke Island.

Since its inception, The Cottage Shop’s “Skip-the-Bag” program has garnered significant support from both locals and visitors alike. For every customer who chooses to forego a bag with their purchase, The Cottage Shop donates 10 cents towards the Sea Turtle Assistance and Rehabilitation Center.

“This year’s donation reflects the unwavering commitment of The Cottage Shop and its supporters. With a total contribution of $1000, the funds play a crucial role in sustaining the vital work carried out by the aquarium’s animal care team,” noted a news release from The Cottage Shop.

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“We are thrilled to reach this milestone of five years supporting sea turtle care and rehabilitation,” said Amy Smith at The Cottage Shop. “Our ‘Skip-the-Bag’ initiative continues to demonstrate the power of small, sustainable actions in making a significant impact on our environment and wildlife.”

“The ongoing success of The Cottage Shop’s initiative highlights the profound influence of collective action in fostering environmental stewardship. The dedication shown by both staff and patrons demonstrates the community’s shared commitment to preserving our oceans and marine life,” the release continued.

I applaud Kellogg/Cottage Shop in showing conservation leadership in the Outer Banks through their ‘Skip the Bag’ program. Through their actions, the funds saved and donated contribute to our team’s ability to rehabilitate and return injured and incapacitated sea turtles back to their ocean home,” says Larry Warner, aquarium director.

The Cottage Shop invites businesses and individuals alike to join in the effort to protect the oceans and marine ecosystems: “Together, we can make a tangible difference for the future of our planet.”

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