Dare County Board of Commissioners – District 2

Dare County Board of Commissioners for District 2. Rob Ross, a Republican, is running unopposed for this seat.


Rob Ross
Retired financial executive

Age: 66

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 1032, Nags Head, NC 27959-1032

Contact Phone: (612) 804-7495

Position/philosophy statement: To preserve and protect the quality of life in Dare County for our residents and the many annual visitors we welcome here. This is a sacred duty.

What is the most important issue the Dare County Commission will have to address in the next 2 years?

Ross: Our way of life in the Outer Banks is tied to our waters and beaches. These are the things that draw so many people to our beautiful county. We must prioritize our efforts to protect these vital resources through inlet maintenance, beach nourishment and waterways protection. Not only does our tremendous tourism industry rely on these resources, but so does our commercial fishing industry. For these reasons, I will support the funding and commitment necessary to preserve the long term health and vitality of these our most precious natural resources.

Are there policies you believe can be enacted that would improve the economy of Dare County in the next 2 years?

Ross: Yes. About two years ago, your county board of commissioners authorized an economic development study to help answer this difficult question. One policy that was enacted was a formal partnership with the OBX Chamber of Commerce to focus solely on driving economic growth. Another is to reduce local government regulations that might inhibit the development of affordable housing for those seeking jobs here. Our seasonal economy is a challenge, but one your commissioners are working to overcome every day.

What kinds of policies will you pursue to promote affordable housing in our county?

Ross: We are actively engaged with the Chamber of Commerce to investigate creative ways to solve this problem. We have also enlisted local business owners and builders to offer their insights into how the housing issue might be addressed. There is no easy solution. To make it easier to build this housing, zoning regulations are being modified whenever possible and we are encouraging creative investment strategies for builders.

How would you rate Dare County’s public education system?

Ross: Excellent

If you rated it below excellent, what proposals would you support to improve it?

Ross The collaboration between your Board of Commissioners and the Board of Education (BOE) is strong and producing outstanding results in our schools. We remain in close contact with the BOE and school administrators to ensure the necessary resources and funding are in place and that our children are receiving the best possible educational experience. From academics to sports to extra-curricular activities, Dare County schools take a backseat to no one. We are very proud their achievements.

How would you rate the access to healthcare services in Dare County?

Ross: Excellent

How would you rate the quality of healthcare services in Dare County?

Ross: Excellent

 If you rated them less than excellent, what can the commission do to improve healthcare services?

Ross: Dare County is blessed with an outstanding full service hospital as well as multiple healthcare providers. We also have urgent care centers and pediatric care facilities. Further, we operate a department of health and human services within the county to meet the needs of those least able to care for themselves, our very young and the elderly. Finally, our school nurses ensure our kids are within easy reach of any needed care. We are well positioned to care for our residents and visitors.

What is your stance on the permitting of off-shore drilling and seismic testing along the N.C. coast?

Ross: I am opposed to both seismic testing and off shore drilling. I attended the public comment meeting in Raleigh on February 26 and also the rally afterwards. My position is clear. North Carolina has only 2% of the known recoverable oil reserves contained in the outer continental shelf of the United States. Why risk our way of life on the Outer Banks, if god forbid the unthinkable happened, for such a small return? Energy independence is achievable through alternative, safer means.