Panel of 12 jurors seated, alternate spots next to be filled in murder trial

Published 8:16 am Friday, October 11, 2019

Court officials seated a twelfth juror shortly after 3 p.m. Thursday in the fourth day of the in the Mikel Edward Brady II capital murder trial.

Earlier in the day, a courtroom full of potential jurors were told that about 400 jurors had been called to fill nine seats and the court may need to replenish the pool to fill the remaining seats.

In an effort to speed the process, Assistant District Attorney Kimberly Pellini read a list of potential 70 witnesses to the remaining jury pool rather than read it at each new juror sitting.

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Although the rest of the day’s jury selection process at the Dare County Courthouse was much like that of previous days, a panel of 12 was approved. Prosecution and defense will now question additional pool members to fill four alternate juror spots, but after screening six candidates there were still four empty alternate seats.

Brady is the first of four inmates to be charged in four deaths for his alleged participation in a 2017 failed escape attempt from the Pasquotank Correctional Institution in Elizabeth City. The trial was moved from Pasquotank County to Dare County due to the potential for jury bias in Elizabeth City.

The jury selection process will begin again at 10 a.m. Friday.



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